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Midibox sid midi controller


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Hi there!


i have a keyboard with 8 sliders and 8 knobs, all midi cc assignable.  What do u believe would be the optimal parameters setup (16 of them only) to control my midibox sid? Im working with two sids in a stereo config.

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Your intial question is somewhat blurry and hard to answer. Your MIDI Keyboard is not especially common and MIDI Bindings for managing your SID parameters is a bit up to you.
When you talk about "optimal" setup, it's also related on how you play and features you use, i mean there is no specific answer to this.
You ask for a MIDI "optimal" binding and mention controls on your keyboard and a SID synth. Which SID synth is it ? MB-6582 / Sammich ?
Can you map CC standalone or need a computer driver? No need to be angry ,just try to provide more information and be more precise in your question =)

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I was not angry at all, just trying to induce somebody to answer :innocent:

As for "optimal setup" i would mean some basic controls over  any given, pre programmed sound.. i can program the sound on the sammich itself, but i maybe then want to play around with some of its parameters, as you would in any synth with a few knobs and sliders..

maybe there is no specific answer, but an opinion or two could help

the keyboard can assign cc's, i dont need a pc to do it.


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if you own a sammich, maybe getting some inspiration from the MB-6582 interface might help you to map your controls into something efficient?
sammichSID is basically one SID engine and 6582 manage 4. have a look here : 

MB-6582 Front Panel Design (Final)


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