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Nextion HMI displays for designing UI's

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Most MIDIbox displays are quite utilitarian. You have to admit, CLCD's have their useful limits when designing user interfaces. The tiny OLED's also have limited value, and there hasn't been any touchscreen developments.

Imagine you could quickly design the graphics & interface for a touchscreen display on your PC, download it to a custom standalone LCD - and simply communicate commands over a MIDIbox serial UART, eg. button presses, page changes, sliders, gauges, etc.

That's what Nextion LCD's do - they cost about $15 USD (2.4" 320x240) to $80 USD (7" 800x480) and have an STM32 on-board with flash to store graphics and commands.








I bought a 2.4" to connect with a little custom sequencer I'm building. I'll write about my progress here.

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5 hours ago, Phatline said:

cool, do that GUI-Software do Multiple Finger Input?

It's a resistive touch screen, so no multi-touch.

BTW there are supposedly authorized sellers of this on eBay. Search for Nextion. Also, the enhanced version has more flash, an RTC and some simple GPIOs. 

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