Retrogamesupply PSU for MB-6582

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It comes at a steep price point (€70.00) but it seems very much suited for use with the MB-6582 with much attention to safety:


New Replacement Power Supply for Commodore 64 and 64C

Work with every revision and model of Commodore 64.

Work in every region of the world (100-240V 50/60Hz).

Use a standard 2 prong AC cable, EU and US cable is only available at the moment.

Output :

  • Regulated DC 5V 2A
    • Protection : overvoltage, overcurrent, temperature and short circuit.
  • Regulated AC 9V 1A
    • Pure Sine Wave
    • Protection : overvoltage, overcurrent, soft-start and short circuit.

Unlike the dangerous unregulated 5V of the original PSU which can detroy your Commodore sometimes, this power supply will provide regulated 5V with every protection.

The AC 9V is created by a pure sine wave generator, using this method allow me to remove the 230V/9V transformer, reducing the weight by 50% and removing any hum noise coming from the power supply.

This power supply can remove or reduce the noise coming from inside the C64.

It can also reduce the heat emission of the Commodore.

The 5V and 9V line are isolated from each other like the original PSU.

The power DIN to DIN cable is always include (design may vary depending on stock).

1 year warranty.

Shipped from France.



I'm planning to order a few (for myself & friends with similar build), unless anyone tells me not to..
I'm quite scared to use the original C64 psu and I don't want a bulky solution using 2 separate wall warts.

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I don't think there's any significant advantage to powering your MB6582 with a commodore64 PSU or especially a clone of one. As I understand it, it was built to run from the C64 PSU mainly because people building SID synths were expected to already have at least one lying around from a murdered C64, and because alternative methods for getting a regulated 5V supply at the time of design were either bulky, noisy, or hot.

Nowadays, I don't see much reason for not going with a single voltage power supply and an internal 5V sVreg. It will certainly be cheaper than this solution, and I don't see any reason the C64 clone PSU would be superior. It makes sense for powering a C64, though!

Check out this thread: 

and see what you think.

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Fully agreed, use a modern switcher, it is 2017! ;-)

An other alternative, especially if you already have a fully built MB6582, that you do not want to modify is to use a crowbar circuit after the original C64 brick. If that old PSU goes haywire and the vreg outputs more than something like 5.6 volts, the crowbar will trigger and short the 5V output to ground, thus (hopefully) blowing the PSU fuse and protecting your MIDIbox! :-). These boxes should be available, when googling for "c64 power protector" or "c64 overvoltage protector". But this is only a hack, the best solution is to go for a modern switcher :-).

Many greets,

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