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i want to connect one Encoder directly to J5a

i know that in my Code i have to

initalize this pins:

  // initialize pin 2 of J5A,  as Digital input with internal Pull-UP //connect to ground

and i also can observe the state of the J5a pin by putting following code into APP_Background:


all clear so far, and working good with buttons (with hardware debouncing ):



how does a Encoder-Code look like (without any Acceleration), and how does Hardware debouncing look like (the same like for buttons?), i want to use as less code then possible...


thx 4 any tips


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Leveraging the topic.
I use the LCP1769
I'm testing the example "014b_enc_j5_relative".
It only works J5A (A0 ... A3) and J5B (A4 ... A7) does not work.

This example tests all inputs A0 ..... A7 on the J5A and J5B connector? How do I set up so that all inputs A0 .... A7?

I tested J5A / B as analog inputs and they all worked. I just set "#define MIOS32_AIN_CHANNEL_MASK 0x00ff"

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This Settings in "mios32_config.h" are working for 0-7A (5a,5b) - i am on a stm32f4

#define MIOS32_AIN_CHANNEL_MASK 0x00ff
// AIN define the deadband (min. difference to report a change to the application hook)
#define MIOS32_AIN_DEADBAND 31 //7Bit


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Hi !!


Strange, would not that just be for analog inputs? A0 .... A3 work fine without setting "#define MIOS32_AIN_CHANNEL_MASK 0x00ff".
I do not want analog inputs. I want 4 encoders


Tks Marco.

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ahhh sorry, may fault...

what i have done with J10A-B (if you replace J10 with J5 i think its the same)

@top of programm (declaration)

// ENCODER            SR begin with 1, ENC with 0)   //    setup the Pinout of Encoders
    const mios32_enc_config_t encoders[1] = {{ .cfg.type=DETENTED2, .cfg.speed=FAST, .cfg.speed_par=3,, .cfg.pos=0 }};


void APP_Init(void){
  BLM_SCALAR_Init(0);   // initialize BLM_SCALAR driver

// Set GPIO @ J10A+B
  int pin;
  for(pin=0; pin<16; ++pin){
// Set Menue Encoder
  int enc;
  for(enc=0; enc<4; ++enc) {
    mios32_enc_config_t enc_config = MIOS32_ENC_ConfigGet(enc);
    enc_config.cfg.type = DETENTED3; // see mios32_enc.h for available types = 0; // must be 0 if controlled from application
    enc_config.cfg.pos = 0; // doesn't matter if controlled from application
    enc_config.cfg.speed = FAST;
    enc_config.cfg.speed_par = 0;
    MIOS32_ENC_ConfigSet(enc, enc_config);}


void APP_SRIO_ServicePrepare(void)  {
  // get current J10B value and update all encoder states
    int enc;
    u16 state = MIOS32_BOARD_J10B_Get();
    for(enc=0; enc<4; ++enc) {
    MIOS32_ENC_StateSet(enc, state & 3); // two pins
    state >>= 2; // shift to next two pins


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Just got a flashback: this is actually a known issue and I thought that I fixed this some years ago... somehow the change didn't find it's way into the repository.

I updated mios32/LPC17xx/mios32_board.c, please update your repository

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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1 hour ago, TK. said:

Acabei de receber um flashback: este é realmente um problema conhecido e achei que consertei isso há alguns anos ... de alguma forma, a mudança não encontrou o caminho para o repositório.

Eu atualizei o mios32 / LPC17xx / mios32_board.c, atualize seu repositório

Atenciosamente, Thorsten.

Hi TK,

Thank you so much!!! Now it works !!!! I've been looking for where the bug would be for two days and today I would look at "mios32_board.c". Thanks for the quick help !!!


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