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432 hz Box idea?


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A sampler and instant replayer? Just sample with 44kHz and instantly play back with 43.2kHz? :-)
Could be done with minimal hardware, as long as the a/d and d/a converters are decent.
Many greets, Peter

(edit: on a second thought, this needs some minimal timestretching code, otherwise there would be a buffer overrun, very soon! :-). Should be doable nevertheless! :-))

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Yes, if the timetretching code is here, it could needs very minimal hardware, with of course correct AD/DA converters.

There is software witch plays in 432 a music tuned in 440 hz.  But for a recorded music. 

I'm thinking about a box for live-playing with instruments tuned to 440.

So the latency should be minimal... 


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