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R3 DIN Printed Circuit Board or Kit

Jay Beckham

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I've got a bunch of prototypes of this combined DIN/DOUT module board that I made...  Haven't tested it thoroughly yet, but it should work fine.  If you want to try one of these boards I could mail you one.  $5 +postage?

Alternately, ucapps has board files and schematics.


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Each of my core8 support four din boards.  Each DIN supports 32 inputs.  So I have purchased one more DIN for a total of eight.  8 * 32 = 256.  So three manuals is 3 x 61 = 183. which is 6 of the DIN boards.   One DIN for my pedals and the other one for toe pistons and combinations.

Core Boards First Pin Last Pin Use DINS
CORE8 0 1 61 Manual 1 1, 2
Beckham 0 62 64 NC  
  65 125 Manual 2 3, 4
  126 128 NC  
CORE8 1 1 32 Pedals 5
Beckham 1 33 45 Combinations 6
  46 64 Pistons  
  65 125 Manual 3 7,8
  126 128 NC NC

Already have two combination boards of six each to mount on the front of my keyboards, a DIN in the mail, and my third manual arrives tomorrow.


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