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Hi all

My next midibox project concern my juno60

There is two topic, all the CV handling for all slider parameter, no test yet, but I have a clear view about what I'll do about it.

Then the keyboard, note on/off to remote play the JU60 via midi note...

I try interfacing a matrix "reader" with 1 DIN scanning the JUNO CPU output (to KB), and a "return" with 1 DOUT to the JUNO CPU, with "result" but not usable. The idea is to active a DOUT pin at the proper instant compared to DIN scan (which row is scanned) so the JU60 CPU know which note is virtually pressed...

I guess my issue here is the time sensitivities (as maybe component and clock between two system)

The question is simple, what is the fastest possible loopback latency with mios (MB_NG in my case) to trig a DOUT pin according to a DIN status ?

For what I see so far in my Oscope, the JUNO seem to scan the KB (and other buttons...) within 1ms so I guess I should send a DOUT trig in less than 100us (and for less than 100us) after the DIN "read" a row.

I think a lot about the method and end up with this idea, a matrix reading a matrix, but I don't know if my approach is the good one...

Input welcome




ps: I also think about DCB emulator with midibox, but I'm not good enough to code this...


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I just restore then mod a juno 60 for a friend using the juno-66 from tubbutec, it works great!
The only critic is that they provide not enough length cable, I was obliged to change them to follow the existing cabling path, I did not change the MIDI I/O cable then cable is straight from cpu to old DCB position(not very good too).
But this mod is great and add a lot of features to the juno-60 I highly recommend it to you, do not reinvent the wheel, they made it very well.






Best regards

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Salut Bruno !

Yes you'r right, that also my conclusion since I post this

But I personally don't like the idea to swap the MCU

I will probably go for the CHD solution


Hooked at a midibox core (via J11) to have USB midi and 16 ch Ain/Aout (J19) to read/write analog pot and automate all parameters :rolleyes:

If only I have time and code skill, I'll design a full midibox HW and SW solution for Juno60 retrofit...




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