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Chiphead (another stereo SID bassline demo :))


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It has been a while - we have moved and i had to do a quick new studio wiring test yesterday night - using some original MB6582 "acid" basslines created by TK.! Many, many thanks for them! :)

This was done in only about two hours and is not really a full track (thus the new v4+ was unused).

In this video, most sounds are created by DIY devices:

* MB6582 for a pair of 8580 SIDs in stereo bassline mode
* Mutable Instruments Anushri for the lead
* LoopA prototype for simple sequencing
* DIY polivoks stereo VCF to filter the drums

Thanks for watching and listening and enjoy the weekend!


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Thanks, guys! It was a rather cheesy and super-unexcercised take, just had two hours to do it, due to lots of work. So please accept my apologies, the next song should be better hopefully properly using the v4+ or at least more patterns of the LoopA. From the "restricted-time" point of view, producing something, just anything with hardware that allows to go the quick way is really fulfilling, because if you have to take the "automation" route in software, it might take so long, that you might not be able to get anything out at all! :)

Many greets and enjoy the sunday evening!

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18 hours ago, latigid on said:

Don't apologise, it's more than I've done in years! My comment was more of a compliment on how you can get very creative patterns/variations just with a few scene changes using the LoopA..

Yes, agree with that, I will add more, no need of automation when you're able to feel the music, when you know when and how to add a break or release the groove ;)
Except if you can record it, automation is mathematical thing if you just draw it.

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