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Looking for tight / heavy encoders


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Hey people,

I'm looking for encoders. The pinout doesn't matter as well as the gird. The only thing that is important is, that they have a great feel. All encoders I've tested (PEC11, PEC12, PEC16, EC12, EC16) are too "light" so to say. There is no resistance when turning the knob. I need encoders that need more torque to get turned.

Any ideas where I can find those?


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sry to wake up an old thread, but @FantomXR: did you find any?

i'm just starting out here, and learning about encoders for a 'Monome Arc' like project (https://duckduckgo.com/?t=ffab&q=monome+arc+parts&atb=v177-1&iax=images&ia=images), i've ordered these: https://sinuss.nl/componenten/halfgeleiders-sensors/rotary-encoders/9358234-eaw0j-b24-ae0128l-encoder-rotary-128pos-8-bit-bourns
* 128 ppr absolute,
* though only 50000 rotations, no button, no led

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