what would your perfect control surface look like and do?

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i thought i would start a speculative forum post that asked people their opinion with regards to what

their ultimate control surface look like, fetuare and do.


This can be used by other contemporary control surface designers to get other people's perspective

please feel free to answer thank you

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I've made it already :-)

9x Encoders + 1 Potentiometer for master-volume
9x OLEDs
9x Faders
3x9 Button-rows
9x RGBLED-bars next to the faders
9x RGBLED underneath each encoder

I don't need anything more!

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control sourface for what? DAW? Synth? Record-Session? Ableton? ... it depends...


For in Depth Edit:

Endless-Encoders with "end-break" + 2toRGB Color Ledrings with at leas 16 LEDs + LCD above it to show the parameter-name + CC-Automation + CC-Patch-Storage.


Normal Mouse and or Touchscreen if its for example Ableton


For Live Play: (all 8 or so most used Parameters for a gig)

Potis and Faders for Liveact-Action well arangent and unique in feel look and size ---so you can drive it blind... i found out that there are only a few importent Parameters,

to mouch of Parameters, make it to complicated...


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Ideally ii prefer to use control surfaces to control the many features in DAW


perhaps one for composing / sound design, that has controls for my favorite synths / samplers / virtual instruments

another for mix engineering, using absolute rotary encoders that use LED rings for visual reference

and another for live performance (as i can't afford some of the classic synths / organs etc.


I would like the option to be able to control all my favorite plugins which i generally use while mix engineer 

perhaps another one that i can use for mastering

if all is done inside the box that is


That would be my ideal studio 

control surfaces that i use every time, so i get used to how they look, how they feel and each element that is used to control




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Sorry. forgot. I would also like a control surface specifically for the tasks that you do while tracking 

live performances such as in a live room or isolation booth.

as again the type of plugins and controls you use doing this job will often be different to that when doing other things.

for example. when tracking you may want just a little amount of processing and estimated effects

but not all the bells and whistles that you may need when mix engineering

also for live performance, you will have much of the effects and processing jobs done

and will not always need that much control over many of the plug ins that you use during tracking or mix engineering

so sure, different console for each would make more sense 

but perhaps not that easy to design as each individual has different preferences

but also due to the limitations of what protocols are available

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