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TK about mixed CLCD/GLCD:

maybe it is already implemented, the actual bootloader says:

[2781.832] help
[2781.832] Welcome to Bootloader 1.018!
[2781.832] Following commands are available:
[2781.832]   set fastboot <1 or 0>:   if 1, the initial bootloader wait phase will be skipped (current: 1)
[2781.832]   set single_usb <1 or 0>: if 1, USB will only be initialized for a single port (current: 1)
[2781.832]   set spi_midi <1 or 0>:   if 1, SPI MIDI interface will be enabled (current: 0)
[2781.833]   set enforce_usb_device <1 or 0>: if 1, USB device mode will be enforced (current: 0)
[2781.833]   set device_id <value>:   sets MIOS32 Device ID to given value (current: 0 resp. 0x00)
[2781.833]   set usb_name <name>:     sets USB device name (current: 'Proton')
[2781.833]   set lcd_type <value>:    sets LCD type ID (current: 0x00 - CLCD)
[2781.833]   set lcd_num_x <value>:   sets number of LCD devices (X direction, current: 2)
[2781.834]   set lcd_num_y <value>:   sets number of LCD devices (Y direction, current: 1)
[2781.835]   set lcd_width <value>:   sets width of a single LCD (current: 128)
[2781.835]   set lcd_height <value>:  sets height of a single LCD (current: 64)
[2781.835]   lcd_types:               lists all known LCD types
[2781.835]   testlcdpin:     type this command to get further informations about this testmode.
[2781.835]   store:                   stores the changed settings in flash (and updates all LCDs)
[2781.835]   restore:                 restores previous settings from flash
[2781.835]   reset:                   resets the MIDIbox (!)
[2781.835]   help:                    this page
[2823.093] lcd_types
[2823.094] List of known LCD types:
[2823.094] 0x00: CLCD
[2823.094] 0x01: CLCD_DOG
[2823.094] 0x80: GLCD_CUSTOM
[2823.094] 0x81: GLCD_KS0108
[2823.094] 0x82: GLCD_KS0108_INVCS
[2823.094] 0x83: GLCD_DOG
[2823.094] 0x84: GLCD_SSD1306
[2823.094] 0x85: GLCD_SSD1306_ROTATED
[2823.095] 0x86: GLCD_SED1520
[2823.095] You can change a LCD type with 'set lcd_type <value>'
[2823.095] Please note that newer types could have been integrated after this application has been released!

lcd_type will set all Displays to the same Type (i think)


i want to mix one 2x40 CLCD with 2 GLCD (SSD1206) on a STM32F4 core


where to start? i bet i have to use "GLCD_CUSTOM", and have to write a custom driver - which i actually dont know how to. but maybe someone has already.


thx 4 help

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You'd need to reassign the pins, so use GPIO or a spare SPI for the SSD1206. Look maybe at the MBCV code?


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i do have my own code for it, and did already pinout via gpio on a other project... now i have mixed lcd types... and the question was which typ  i have to choose on the bootloader app for mixed types?

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