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MBox SID SwinSID works but not the real ones...


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Hello again,

well, I thought I'm done and don't need to ask for some help for MBox SID again but I can 't understand whats wrong now and strugglng since a week now.

The problem is everything works nice with SwinSIDs but the real SIDs don't work. I've got some C64s and made full function tests with the SIDs and they work, but not with the Core and the SID modules...

First I thought it is because of my PSUs (because I guess I did read the SID needs about 5,1 V) and finally connected a real C64 PSU and the only difference is that you can hear some  short "plops" by playing notes via MIOS Studio.

I've got 2 Cores and 2 SID modules (the slave Core is also midified) so I cross tested every combination and don't get any further. It seems that there is a small problem which doesn't affect the SwinSID but I don't know what I could change.

So maybe someone knows what I could do in this case.

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the issue could be related to following SID pins:

  • pin #1-4: no caps connected
  • pin #6: clock connection between SID and PIC. If no scope is available, you could check continuity by unplugging SID and PIC from their sockets.
  • pin #28: Vdd - should be 12V for 6581, and 9V for other SID derivatives

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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Thank you very much Thorsten,

if I wouldn't be lost in Giana Sisters since an hour, I had postet that I found the problem. It's because the SwinSiDs I own do have very fat Pins and they gaped the holes in the IC sockets. I couldn't believe that but putting a SID in an extra socket, full contact and working. I just did that because I squeezed a leg and came to the idea...but anyway I wanted to do this years ago to protect the legs...




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