MIOS32_BOARD_J5_PinGet (4) returns 0

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i cant get it working, tryd for ours... i want to read the J5 Pins periodicaly (want to read a IR-Sensor)

that should do the job:

void APP_Init(void){ 		MIOS32_BOARD_J5_PinInit(0, MIOS32_BOARD_PIN_MODE_ANALOG); }

void APP_Tick(void){	s16 state =  MIOS32_BOARD_J5_PinGet (4);

						MIOS32_MIDI_SendDebugMessage("val: %d   ", state ) ;}

it return 0 on MIOS-Monitor (Debug message)... on the normal APP_AIN i get values... so its not hardware issue... also i all different variations in mios_config like...:

#define MIOS32_AIN_CHANNEL_MASK 0x00ff
#define MIOS32_AIN_CHANNEL_MASK 0x0000
#define MIOS32_DONT_USE_AIN 1
#define MIOS32_DONT_USE_AIN 0

also if i

  MIOS32_BOARD_J5_PinSet (4, 3);

and then PinGet, i become 0


&& J10 do the same when set to PIN_MODE_ANALOG!!!


very strange! could be a bug.

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