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is it strange??


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1: Is it strange that all i could do all week was think about finishing work and getting on with starting to learn the mios32 code now i have gone through the .ngc code.

2: Is it also strange that i was looking forward to various components arriving today and gleefully picking them up from the delivery box after work

3: Refer to 1 & 2   EVENT_UNDERSTOOD    id= 1  type=command  CMD=1 range= 0:127 lcd_pos=1:1:1 label="^DoThis "

COND <64    "Read 1&2"
COND <127    "Goto 4:  "
COND_ELSE  "--------"

4: Great success you are officially a midiboxer geek and should be proud ;) now refer to 1 & 2 but in C#

Edited by ssp
capital H in the DoTHis cond label, code would't work! Secondary edit: in line 2 arriveing changed to "arriving", End Of Line
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