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MIDIbox V2 2nd sid problem

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I am brand new to the sammichSID, though I have played a lot with the sid chips on the commodore 64 using various bits of software. I have finally got my hands on a pre-built sammich MIDI box v2 but I am having problems, possibly newbie related ones!

I am using 2 genuine 8580R5 chips that were tested and working previously in my c64. 

When I turn on the machine I hear sound but the screen shows 1***, which I understand is showing just the first chip active. When I go into the sid menu and try and change anything it says "its not there!", assuming it means that it is not recognising the 2nd chip. Both chips are 8580R5s, both with a pair of 22nf caps in the pin sockets next to the chips. The JP jumper is correct (horizontal).

What do I do next to troubleshoot this issue? 

Also as a side note - I am controlling this via MIDI software and would like to know how to play the 3 voices on each chip indendently. Does the MIDI box only respond to 1 MIDI channel? 

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Tom

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The sammichSID only contains one SID module (called SID module 1 or just SID 1), but this module supports two SID chips.

If your sammichSID came with some preinstalled patches, you can step through them to hear the stereo separation (assuming you're using a stereo TRS audio out cable as opposed to mono TS cable).

If not, you can find a great collection of patches here: https://github.com/midibox/mios8/tree/master/apps/synthesizers/midibox_sid_v2/presets

You can use the Sysex librarian built into MIOS Studio to install them using your MIDI interface: http://www.ucapps.de/mios_studio.html

The control surface menu will allow you to intentionally activate or deactivate SID chips, but the default behavior is to play from both.

The first steps guide in the user manual explains how to read the display: http://www.ucapps.de/midibox_sid_manual_l.html



Main screen and root menus

This is the main screen which is visible after power-on:

Formatting Patch

It displays:

  • the selected ensemble (here: E002)
  • the selected and available SIDs (here: 1-** means: SID1 selected, SID2 (first slave) not selected, SID3 and SID4 (second and third slave): no MBNet connection (this is at least the case if your MIDIbox SID is only stuffed with a single slave).
  • the selected patch of SID1 (here: A001 - the internal patch)
  • the engine of the selected patch (here: Ld = Lead Engine)
  • the assigned MIDI Channel of the selected SID, first instrument (here: Chn. 1)
  • the patch name (here: Lead Patch)


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