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Other than for import/export of patches and clock out, is the MIDI OUT used for anything else?

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Finally got my MB6582 working after a VERY LONG time. At any rate, now that I have a full control surface for the MBSID (which by the way is quite intuitive - major kudos to TK, Wilba, and others that worked on it - it's just beautiful!) - I was trying to see what knobs, if any, would be sent to MIDI OUT. Since these are encoders, I figured they wouldn't be the best option for knob tweaking so it's not a huge deal if there is no way to handle knob output over MIDI - I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. I thumbed through the manual on ucapps and didn't see much mention of it but wanted to make sure?


Random aside, I've been working on this so long, when I finally connected the audio and fired up the ASID-patched sidplay2, I'll admit I had a few tears of joy then. Been such a long road, largely due to struggling with connecting the base and CS boards. Long story there but I can't thank the folks that figured out the JST solution enough - that was a game changer for me. I may have never finished the synth were it not for that!

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Figured out the answer! It's the CC button on the control surface, duh! Of note, for those that haven't dove through this part of the manual, it is for the Knobs Assignments. On the MB6582 that would be the 5 envelope knobs - the ones below the matrix - when you have Control set to Knob. I only got as far as to look at teh CC events in Midi-Ox so haven't actually tried to use them yet.

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