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Midibox move to Github & OpenSource Licensing


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I think that Midibox is a great project (is the one that get me started on pic16 programming) and it deserves to grow/transform more as more affordable and capable boards are getting available.

In particular the esp32 seems to be a good platform for doing some cool usb/bluetooth experimentation, and the stm32 is also promising.

But the licensing of the project doesn't allow easily for other people to contribute and create new projects, and I think this has "stopped" the project a bit.

Also contributing on a platform like github, maybe implementing automatic builds pipeline, would make everything easier.

@TK. would you be open to move the project to a more open source model, with a license such as MIT/Apache or LGPL that will allows also commercial/other derivatives?

Would you be open to move the development to some platform like Github? I can volunteer some times to make the transition happen.




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The normal process for this is to first build and document a project, show it to TK. and show you're willing to support it over the years - then he can decide if you can get approval to market it. Last time we spoke with him, he reiterated that any commercial use will need that approval from him - thus general LGPL/MIT/Apache licenses will not be applicable.

This does not mean you cannot fork or develop on the existing code base for personal or forum usecases - anything ESP32 sounds super fun!

Best regards,

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