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Replacement for PIC18F4685 on sammichSID


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Hi all,

I have recently revisited my old sammichSID, the PIC is caput. I'm having a terrible time sourcing a replacement. My questions:

-Can the sammich's core be flashed to a PIC18f4620? (i can source those - but reading the documentation on the MB core module, I'd say no - 4685 only for MBSid V2)

-Is there any known pDIP to TQFP adapter that is pin to pin compatible with the pic/board (i can also source a Smd Pic18f4685-i/pt Tqfp44) - like this one?

-Does anyone have a spare flashed Mios 1.9h PIC18f4685 for sale? 

Thanks a lot!


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Hey dwestbury. thanks a lot for the link, buying from them. I'd gladly take your kind offer if that doesn't work.

By the way, one of my 6581 reached its end too. Your contribution and thorough sound tests/tracks on the sid2arm helped choosing a suitable replacement.

I'm getting those as well.

Thank you!

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On 1/12/2022 at 6:47 PM, ###OCT### said:

I have recently revisited my old sammichSID, the PIC is caput.


how can it break? as long as you haven't trotted up, it should still work.. probably the mios firmware/app on that device is corrupted, isn't it? as long as the bootloader is still there, which is in a protected area, you can fix it. And yes, you can not take a PIC18f4620 - different features, different storage area.

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