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  1. short and thick... and if that doesn't help, we'll try to update the firmware of the probe. ps: don‘t forget to remove the jumper of JP3
  2. but if you read further below, you can see that the problem was with the cable again!
  3. ok, i have now tested a different usb cable (the cable is short and thicker - it looks more stable). Everything works now (also with win7 and win10). The jumper must be removed, otherwise the linker will not work. no mbed driver needed or anything else...it worked for me without installing anything or without updating the firmware now. but i'm not sure if i ever installed the mbed stuff before i was switching to win10 - that was 2 years ago, but I don’t think so, because I restore a untouched/clean OS once a year. so either you actually don't have a really good short
  4. ok i tried the same steps that you mentioned. And I come to the same conclusion that it does not work under win10 as you described (with me, however, no drivers are shown in the device manager). I don't quite get it - I'm (actually) sure I got it installed in the past - but that was a win7. But when I try to install it in Win7 it doesn't work either. When installing the mbed driver, the same error message appears. it is really crap right now ... maybe gerald.wert has an idea, he also successfully connected it, just didn't write how.
  5. there are 3 more links at the bottom by ZhangJennie, about that post about 1769 rev.D problems, referred to: - MBED serial driver - probe firmware - Can't find debug Probe ticket.. I know the picture you posted/shown is related to a lpc8xx but I think it uses the same probe (CMSIS-DAP). BTW: You have to think of it this way: there are two boards - on the one hand it is the debug / linker probe and on the other hand the LPC1769 board - both are connected. If the jumper is set, the probe has priority.
  6. The board isn't different...LPC11U35 is the CMSIS-DAP Debug Probe board name, or not? and it is referred to by the LPC1769 board rev.D on that side.
  7. i found this too: https://community.nxp.com/t5/MCUXpresso-IDE/OM13085-Board-No-compatible-emulators-available/m-p/1026193 did you follow these instructions?: https://community.nxp.com/t5/LPC-Microcontrollers-Knowledge/Flashing-and-Installing-the-new-firmware-and-drivers-for/ta-p/1127375 I know tired but it should work at some point.
  8. and did you install LPC11U35 installer before and restart PC?
  9. Ok, i have found my rev.D1 board again and plugged it in. It's using CMSIS DAP linker too. Yes, it is also not found (with closed jumper). So something is still fishy. Have you ever tried to load the host drivers from nxp: https://www.nxp.com/design/microcontrollers-developer-resources/lpc-microcontroller-utilities/lpcxpresso-board-for-lpc1769-with-cmsis-dap-probe:OM13085 at the bottom: Host Device Drivers ( 1 ) - Firmware and drivers for LPC11U35 debug probes I think that's for it ..
  10. did you try this: If his guidance on the rev D doesn't help, you could PM him. at least he managed it. Edit: Oh, I just checked again at myself: I had actually successfully flashed a Rev D1 via the IDE 8.2.2 in the past. I can't remember any unusual things now.
  11. rev D should work: I'm not sure what else to do ... but maybe try another PC. After that you can find out what's going on with the current one.
  12. In some posts, people get in trouble with CMSIS-DAP. but take a look here: https://community.nxp.com/t5/LPC-Microcontrollers/LPCXpresso-LPC1769-board-not-recognized-when-debugging-with-LPC/td-p/1200156 On the other hand, I read that it probably also worked with 8.2.2 ... I can't test it myself (i have only rev.A B C). Do you have the chance to grab an older revision? Don't you want to go to the newer CPU sooner if that is so much trouble? But you could still do some research ... it's up to something.
  13. try again from the beginning. should normally go now (reboot, reinstall, reconnect etc.) otherwise something went wrong .. or the linker type isn’t supported by 8.2.2 ?? I will take a look later.
  14. Rev D2 - JP3 Open - normal Boot, Closed DFU LPC link Boot. https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/supporting-information/LPCXPRESSO-V2-BOARD-FAMILY-SI.pdf you should close it for LPC link mode. that should be the 3.3V connection to the linker, which then gets priority when booting.
  15. Which revision are you using? I think the new boards were put into dev mode by a jumper. But give me more details - pic or number of jumper.
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