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MidiBox LC and Cubase SX - current support?


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Hi there?

I think it is time to sum up the distributed (and partially outdatet) information concerning the support of Cubase SX (version 2.0) by MIOS Midiboxes.

Since Cubase SX can now speack the Logic Control protocol, what experiences have you made using the MidiBox LC with Cubase?

I have read e.g. that the meter display does not work correctly because Steinberg does not follow the protocol perfectly. Have these problems been solved?

What about performance concers?

If there is anyone out there who uses the MidiBox LC with Cubase SX I would be very interested in any opinions and experiences.

Thanks in advance,


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OK. Let's start to sum up what have been said about the usage of MIOS applications for Cubase SX.

- Infos about using midibox16+ and MidiBox 16E to control Cubase SX (http://www.midibox.org/users/dimitris/midibox_cubase_setup/index.html) which describe the usage of the generic remote controller facilities in Cubase are sufficiently detailed. Nevertheless, one usually wants more than a simple MidiBox 16+...

- Steinberg Houston implemenation (http://www.ucapps.de/mios/midibox_hn_v1_3.zip) is far from complete; therefore it is recommended to use the Mackie Control emulation of the MidiBox LC application (by setting the appropriate flag in main.asm), which is supported by Cubase SX since version 1.3 (or so).

- Cubase SX does not follow precisely the MackieControl protocol, as it seems to send meter messages differently (every message doubles in two different resolutions, mesage overload, which can lead to performance problems), see http://www.midibox.org/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi?board=troubleshooting;action=display;num=1076920256

- SMPTE display is not yet supported (this is true regardless of the usage in Cubase SX) (see http://www.midibox.org/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi?board=troubleshooting;action=display;num=1076315630)

Have I forgotten to mention some problems? Or are some of the above mentioned already been solved? What are you experiences? I cannot believe that all guys who have built a MidiBox LC use it only in Logic.

Best wishes,


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I cannot believe that all guys who have built a MidiBox LC use it only in Logic.

I've never used it with anything else.

I think I have read that the use of 2 CLCDs is not recommended when running MidiBox LC in Mackie Control mode (what is obviously needed for Cubase). Am I right?  

I don't think that is right.

I too have wondered what it takes to get the MBLC to work well with other apps, but it seems too complicated, to figure out how. (for me anyway) This has been discussed several times on this forum before, do a forum search.

I think the new mackie control is different to the old one. I'm not sure if it uses a different protocol, or if the device id is different or what ??? Again, I think this has been discussed before, but I'm not sure.

To use the original equipment Mackie control with logic you need to buy an upgrade firmware from Mackie. The same goes for converting a Logic control into a Mackie control, I've no idea how this was implemented, though I think I asked a question about this on this forum several months ago. If you find that thread, you may find an answer there.

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Guest STephenTi

Hello all !

I'm building a Midibox LC to run it in Mackie emulation with Cubase SX 2.

Meters are not supported today (SX sends 2 midi messages for a protocol that only needs one...). I've modify the Midibox LC program to ignore the second message, but as said Thorsen, It's impossible to detect is a D0 message coming in is the first or the second (no flag...). So this upgrade is not working a long time...

I have read that Steinberg are still working on a patch especially to increase Mackie compatibility with SX 2


So I prefer to build the Midibox, and to wait for this patch. Hope it will works  ???

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Thanks for your replies!

@Stephen: How far is your project? Do the other components (e.g. LED rings) work well with Cubase?

How about the 2 CLCDs? Or have you decided to build your MidiBox LC with a GLCD? What about the performance? Does it feel comfortable to control Cubase by the MidiBox?

Thanks for any responses,


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Guest STephenTi

Hi dominik

I've first build the case.

Then, I've receive and build 1 Core, 4 DIN, 4 DOUT and 1 MF (from smashTV, very good service).

I connect then 2 40x2 LCD to the Core. Everything is ok

I build and connect the 10 led digits to the DOUT 4. I need Thorsen's help (the wiring method in the pdf help file for the led digits is not ok, but we found a temporary solution, waiting for a midibox LC update).

I connect the 8 motor faders (ALPS 10mm with sensitive touch, sensitive touch not yet connected). It works ok, but I have RF troubles and sometime, when all faders are moving, it disturbs the core module and then the LCD display. I'm trying to solve this problem.

I connect 6 buttons (and 6 leds) for the bank (left/right), channel (left/right), flip and global view. The buttons are working, but it seems that Cubase don't send any midi info to light the leds...

I connect 8x4 buttons and the corresponding 8x4 leds (4 buttons/leds per channel) for Select/Solo/Mute/RecReady. It works ok (except that for instance, when starting Cubase, the rec/ready led for channel 1 is on even if rec/ready is not set in the Cubase project for channel1... May be a RF problem due to faders moving when project is load.

I connect the 12x8 leds for led meters : Not working well with Cubase, waiting for an patch

I connect the 8x12 leds for led ring : working well

Now :

- I'm waiting for 8 ALPS rotary encoders (not received yet...)

- I continue to build the Midibox (a lots of leds/buttons are still to connect !)

- I try to solve the RF problem with motor faders

- I try to understand the PIC source code to make some adjustments

- I try to continue to have a normal life with my family and friends...

For instance, I don't see performance problem.

I try to realize a mix with the Midibox : very cool ! When using mouse for mixing, I don't have a 'musical' approach, but a computer one. With the midibox, this feeling is end. I make music !

(for instance, I make more electronic things than music but in some weeks  ;) )

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