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Midibox Seq v3 in 2022 ? Which parts ?


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I have the opportunity to buy 2nd hand parts for a midibox project but the seller don't know much about what he has, and some parts seems to be for a Sidbox. From the main uC listed, I found that it could be for a Seq v3.

Do you think it is still worth it, and possible to build a seq v3 today ?

Can you tell which parts in the list below are ok for a midibox seq v3 ?




List :

AIN R4 x1 (carte entrée potentiomètres)

DOUT R3 x1 (carte sortie LED ou autre)

DIN R5 x1 (carte entrée switch ou autre)

IIC MIDI R1 (interface MIDI supplémentaire en plus de la standard)

CORE R4D x1 (carte mère)

CORE R4D + PIC 18F4620 V1.2B BIOS 1.9F x1 (carte mère avec microcontrôleur version indiquée)

PIC 18F4685 V1.2B MIOS 1.9F (microcontrôleur version indiquée)

PIC 18F452 V1.2B MIOS 1.9E (microcontrôleur version indiquée)

PIC18F452 (microcontrôleur version indiquée)

PIC 16F877-20P (microcontrôleur version indiquée)

PIC 18F4620 (microcontrôleur version indiquée)

CORE_V2 6.00 (carte mère varsion indiquée)

CORE_V2 - Kit without PIC (carte mère varsion indiquée)

AINX_V2 5.00 (carte entrée potentiomètres)

AINX_V2 - Kit (carte entrée potentiomètres)

DOUTX4_V2 (carte sortie LED ou autre)

DOUTX4_V2 (carte sortie LED ou autre)

DINX4_V2 (carte entrée switch ou autre)

DINX4_V2 - Kit (carte entrée switch ou autre)

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about the things above... well most of the things you dont need...


you need

3x DINX4

1x DOUTx4

2x  2x40 LCDs

17x encoders

a lot off buttons and LEDs

1x core


 much wires...

a custom frontpanel

big breatboards - to build a custom UI


better go to V4, search the flearmarked forum for a "wilba" frontpanel pcb, and a stm32F4 core with discovery board, and a Midi IO Board

Frontpanels you can order from "the beast" from UK.

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yes, the PIC18F4620 is the core for the SEQv3, but as already mentioned, the SEQv4/v4+ goes a lot further (SD Card instead of EEPROM support, the source code is mostly written in C++ instead of ASM etc.). DINX4, DOUTx4, on the other hand, are compatible. 

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