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MB6582 - no screen (black blocks)


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i built the mb-6582 from an old kit...

the 3 slave cores, provides a working a LCD, but not on the Master-Core, there i only see black-blocks...

when i boot up the SID, i have Blocks all over the screen, then it refreshes, and i have blocks on first and third row off the display.


What can be the problem?


I already measured the connections from J15 to the PICs Pins.

checked all J15 and PIC pins for Shortens against Neighor pins, and to ground and to +5V

also removed all Shiftregisters, and Bank-sticks, and SIDs (is it necessery to have the Shiftregisters connected?)

I also checked the SI-Pin off the HC165 - but they are not grounded or 5V...

i also placed in a PIC from a working unit - and it is still black (so it is not the PIC)

I already replaced the oscillator

i checked all Resistors for their value - seems to be right...

(i can upload new code, so it boots up proberly... also newest bootloader is on the PICs)


- mike

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thx got it... it was the ground pins... which are surroundet wit massive groundplanes (without traces that could make a thermal decouple). i heatet the.groundplane.with hot airgun,.and soldered all groundpins.again... worked " now.it says "sid 4 not aviable no mb net response" core is working, checked it by connecting a lcd to it... also reuploaded the firmware with id3... is the net a com between cores or between sid and core?

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about MB-NET





already resoldered all pins on core 3 and 4

replaced the pic 4 with a new pic...

measured the can bus wires and diodes, replaced the Diode for core 4

removed R6 from core 4


reuploaded code for core 1 (aka 0)

on the automatic reboot of mios, it didnt tell me that sid4 no mb-net... but after power off-on it says again: no response...



ok it also tells me on startup:

1st screen:

mios v 1.9h



2nd screen:

[not here!] version 2.044

launching cs

(what is not here????)



3rd screen:

sid 4 not aviable 
no mb net response


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