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Pot value


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Thay should. As you have 5V, the 10k pots are working at 0,5mA. The 100k pots will work at 0,05mA, which should still be enough to work fine.

If you have the time, just try it out with some Trimmerpot or similar, then you can be sure (but clamp all the unused inputs to ground !!).

I once built an analogue synthi, and nearly all pots inside there were 100k at about 5V to 12V. Worked out fine there, why not here.

Also use a metall frontpanel and clamp it to ground, then youre certainly going sure.

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I cannot recomment 100k pots because of the high impedance, the current drain will be so low that external noise can influence the measuring results too much. The result: jittering pot values. So, best values are around 1k and 10k.

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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