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  2. midiphy SEQ v4+

    @lukas412 Looks very nice! Congrats to #20! Many greets, Peter
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  4. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Feature request: Using the Midiphy build In drum mode while Inst is selected flash button for instruments that are playing notes when the note plays.
  5. midiphy SEQ v4+

    @lukas412 looking great! We are indebted to Adrian for his awesome work on the case @knochenfabrik I figured, but thanks for the clarification. When the rack ears are ready it should work to mount directly that way, but nicely done with the hack/workaround!
  6. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Actually you are right - I had to remove the rails and inserts of course (ur just use none). Got that wrong in my mind when I said they stayed insied earlier...
  7. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Here's another one! What a fun build. The engineering is incredible. Thanks to everyone involved!
  8. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Does anyone know what the part number for the Green LED in the Midiphy kit is? I broke one of mine and was going to order another set from Midiphy but the shipping is really steep to the USA for such a cheap part. thanks, Luke Edit: Midiphy are amazing I had a whole additional bag of LED's because they send you extra in the kit!  
  9. midiphy SEQ v4+

    @knochenfabrik looks really great in the case, very cool! Many greets, Peter
  10. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Indeed! The line drivers would actually "buffer" the SRIO a bit, but as long as the cables are short it should still be okay. The other option of using line drivers (if required) is to omit the DB-25 connector and use the IDC instead. The ribbons would take less room.
  11. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Could I just remove the Line Transmitter completely and use IDC cables to go directly from J8/9 to a DOUT board and J19 to an AOUT-board?
  12. midiphy SEQ v4+

    The rail and threaded insert stayed, I just left out all the screws that go in at the front and at the back of the SEQ4+ case, but there actually would have been enough space to let them in and still fit I think (its just easier to fit this way). Not using line drivers sounds very interesting, I`ll have to look into the expander-thing more to get what you say, but thanks for the information :-).
  13. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Well that's an awesome photo! Presumably you had to remove the rails/threaded inserts? But sure, everything should fit in 3U. There's been promise of ears for 19" rack mounting for a while but those are still on the way. Not long until the modules are ready. But summer holidays can result in a slowdown sometimes. Btw. with everything in the case like this, probably you wouldn't need to use the line drivers at all. Just connect J8/9 and J19 to the respective digital and analogue expanders.
  14. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hello guys, I dont know if this fits here but may I ask if there is any news on the Eurorack Expander Modules? Also, here is some bad-ish foto of some studio action. The midibox-case fits really well into 84hp and powers well from the 5V source of my Intellijel PSU. Just in case if someone was wondering if the SEQ4+ is suitable for modular case installation. I am using standard 40x20x2 aluminium angles for the rack mounting. Next step: Re-open the case and install the missing jumper for USB OTG :D. Greetings, Alex  
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  16. 19" Rack MBFM with extended frontpanel

    I tried to create something with the SRs directly on the board - there is really little space between all the switches. :D With a classic Diode Button matrix it would make much more sense and i could choose between much more available switches/button caps. Not to say, that spst switches might be cheaper and easier to wire. It would also make much sense, to change the wiring of switches and encoders to different SR and SR pins, to bring the SRs closer to where they needed and to avoid a spidernet going from everywhere to everywhere across the board. I made a new schematic utilizing a 4x6 diode button matrix, that might be more efficient than the standard wiring. MBFM_Frontpanel_PCB v.05.pdf It uses 4x 74HC165 SRs (DIN) and 3x 74HC595 SRs (DOUT). I will use SO-16 Packages. For the resistors i'm not sure which package might fit best, maybe a resistor array might be the best choice, for the ease of soldering. Atm i'm just sourcing which package type for the array might take the least space, while still being solderable by hand. Any advices? In a next step i would like to change the behavior of the "Ins/Op Select" and the 4 "Ins/OP [1...4]" buttons and would like to replace them with a 2x4 matrix for 8 dedicated "Instr [1...4]" and "OP [1...4]" buttons. But all this is worth nothing and becomes a dead end eventually, as long as i'm not able to modify the code. I downloaded Notepad++ and the toolchain explained in the wiki, but when i dig into the files i do understand nearly nothing, i'm a complete programming rookie... I didn't even understand how to compile - but i'll try hard. Is someone willing to help me with the configuration and compiling of the code?  
  17. MidiBox DAW Controller

    I'd strongly recommend to not use "normal" LEDs. It's much easier to use WS2812 RGB LEDs. Only one single data-line needed instead of 11 (in your case). And routing LED-matrix on a PCB is cumbersome....  Apart from that I can not answer your question...
  18. MidiBox DAW Controller

    Hi! and sorry for double post...   I have a question : Is it possible to get use the same DOUT Matrix for LED rings AND general purpose LEDs (like switch status)? Say i have an 8*16 Matrix and only want 11 LEDs for my rings, I could make use of those 5 left columns... After half a day searching it seems impossible, but i can't be sure... If not possible, then i might change my plan a little bit.   Thanks!   Thomas
  19. MidiBox DAW Controller

    Yeah, that's what i thought. But anyway, moving faders will probably be the last step of my build. First i'd like to get Switches, encoders and LEDs working. Thanks again!   Thomas  
  20. MidiBox DAW Controller

    Yes obviously So @totoRaymond you will need single linear track moto-fader ;)  
  21. MidiBox DAW Controller

    By using highend dual track motor fader with one servo track (linear taper) and one audio log track Best Zam
  22. MidiBox DAW Controller

    really? then how do you get the position from the faders? You use 'dual taper' fader, one for the audio and the other for AIN? Best
  23. MidiBox DAW Controller

    I'm sure that audio pass through my fader Best Zam
  24. MidiBox DAW Controller

    DAW implementation is not really an issue, they have what they called "generic remote" which gives you the ability to control most of Nuendo functions with any CC, SysEx or any MIDI event. Including "selected channel" parameters. Right now, i'm using this function with TouchOSC, but an iPad is not as good as a dedicated encoder / switch / joystick. Mackie Control protocol at least gives you track name feedback, and I could derive other information from incoming MIDI events i guess.   As for buying, an off-the-shelf controller and add missing functions, i thought about it for sure, but it wouldn't be as ergonomic, which is a big concern to me. Plus, if i make my own solution, i would be able to scale it to my future needs, repair it, make it evolve with time. Which is not really possible with off-the-shelf solutions.   Next step will be to make the channel encoders boards, with channel switches daughter board.          8 switchable encoders plus 4*8 switches = 56 Switches.          8*11 LED Rings plus 4*8 Buttons LEDs = 120 LEDs I figured i need 1 8*8 buttons matrix and 1 8*16 LED matrix. Is that correct? (maybe to 8*8 LED Matrices is better?)   Thanks everyone for your help! Cheers,   Thomas  
  25. MidiBox DAW Controller

    MB_NG supports up to 64 OLEDs from just one core ;-)
  26. MidiBox DAW Controller

    Couple thoughts: great idea, i think it's quite feasible and will be worth the effort. will take longer and depending on your needs also not be cheaper than a commercial solution. all the buttons/pots/encoders in the world are no issue to connect obviously. i have some nice rotary encoders with fancy LED ringgs around them available if you want haha. one of the biggest issue i see with my limited knowledge is the DAW implementation. Does Nuendo allow to control the CURRENTLY SELECTED eq/dyn with a fixed CC or NRPN adress? or how are you thinking to realize the dynamic mapping? also sending out matching dynamic data from your DAW for your OLEDs, not sure if mackie control protocol supplies all this conveniently? oh also for that amount of OLEDs and input stuff you might need a couple more MCUs/core boards down the line i think? i though about doing something somewhat similar for ableton at some point, couple dynamically mappable input knobs with parameter name OLEDs. its easy there, if you use max4life, which i guess nuendo lacks..   maybe an alternative idea would be to buy an off-the-shelf controller for the basic motor faders and just build something smaller for all your custom shortcuts etc?
  27. Hey everybody, i was wondering how to split polyphonic keyboard input on several midi channels, depending on the voice number? I read through some  of the notestack source code but i can't see any implementation in NG via the scripts, right? I would have to write my own routines and recompile? Does midibox KB support this out of the box? Thinking of splitting my setup over two midiboxes anyways because together with a quite big amount of encoders my keyboard DIO matrix kinda overloads the SPI latency... so what i am trying to achieve is 6 voice polyphony to be spread over 2-3 midi channels, following the notestack rules/implementation. any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  28. MidiBox DAW Controller

    It's the same, I'm not sure but there's no audio signal passing thru his faders, there's surely VCA for that purpose, the part that you don't need. But you will need faders, motor control etc... Best!
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