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  2. Midi box sid v2 maker resquest

    Hi, Can you confirm: Sammich motherboard chip type  8580 (JP set to 8580 JBP without shunt) + 4*Capacitor 22nf (8580) + swinsid (J1 not shunt) J2? ? Sammich motherboard chip type  6581 (JP set to 6581 JBP shunt) + 4*Capacitor 470pf (6581) + swinsid (J1 shunt) J2? ? It's absolutely not clear for me because the swinsid works in 5VDc, but the sammich send 9v (8580) or 12v regulated (6581), never 5v. Iif voltage doesn't concern, i could set the sammich in 8580 voltage (less power and easier jumper setting), put the good capacitor regarding the chip filter, and just set the swinsid in the good chip mode regarding the capacitor set ? I'm not sure if the JP do just a voltage selection or also configure correctly the pic (6581/8580) ? Thanks in advance, Have a good day, Rgds,  
  3. Midi box sid v2 maker resquest

    I don't understand you correctly. You need the capacitors for the filter, too, if you use a swinsid, if you mean this with capacitor. Yes you need to choose the same SID type Voltage doesn't matter for a swinsid, as far as I know you don't even need more than 5v  
  4. Midi box sid v2 maker resquest

    Hi, I'm close to finnish the sammichSID. Regarding the original chip, it cannot mix several one so will go with two 6581. Meanwhie i got two swinsid nano. I know there is two jumper one for setting the filter type, and the other for the output voltage. I suppose the output voltage setting isn't needed for the sammichSID ? On the sammichSID i can select the chip type. Does i have to select the same type as on the swinsid ? Does i need to put the capacitor with the swinsid ? Thanks in advance, Have a good day, Rgds,    
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  7. Sammich kits on eBay -- legit or bootleg?

    I'm still unable to know that are these legit or not.
  8. Enclosures?

    For what project do you need an enclosure? Protocase is awesome and very reasonably priced for one-offs where they take care of everything for you. A great company to work with. The other way would be to machine your own but this requires tools and skills on your part
  9. Enclosures?

    Hi team,  I am planning on a project, but the one thing I haven't been able to solve yet is, I haven't found a great solution for an enclosure. I've looked into protocase, but I don't feel like spending $400. Any good ideas for a custom solution? 
  10. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Awesome job!  Almost forgot your serial number #34
  11. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Done!!!!    Cant wait to get this set into my rig! Amazing job by Hawkeye, Latigid, and of course TK!  Thank so much for making this beast available, it is truly an AWESOME piece of sequencing hardware!! ~Steve  
  12. IncBank DecBank Trouble

    Hello Micha To understand the whole mechanism we need to know what do section 1 as you call it at the end of the section 2... Also your sender 4043 have key definition which is not relevant due to type=meta What about the buttons that select banks ? Do they forward to receiver 4042/4043 ? Best Zam  
  13. Ways to add menu items

    @m.str What apps do you run on your controllers? How are the banked menu items displayed exactly? Can you changed them per menu encoder? Thank you!
  14. Sammich FM

    Hi Hybris .  I have same problem you had with the sammichFM  ( isn't rebooting)  ou resolve , I would like to know how you did because im stuck There ! You Say midi troubleshooting ,I read it but didn't find the solution .  Help would be welcome ., cheers    After installing MIOS Studio 2.4.6 and setting MIDI in and out the upload requests keep ticking-in all the time that the sammichFM is connected. After pressing "Query" I do get the correct message that the unit is up & running. I upload the midibox_fm_v1_4i, which seems to be working; upload of 25088 bytes completed after 16.55s (1.48 kb/s) But the unit isn't rebooting after that as its supposed to. The screen is on but still just showing the row of rectangles. And the LEDs are all off. If I press "query" I get the message that "Bootloader is up & running!". The requests "f0 00 00 7e 40 00 01 f7" keep ticking-in in the top left window. If I connect audio out its giving of some low random static noise.  
  15. Ways to add menu items

    I've tried banking 8 pots and get little bars for each event on the second line of the display, but can't find a way to display the corresponding labels and change the values just using the menu encoder. I think i need something like an generic EVENT without any hardware control associated to it.
  16. Ways to add menu items

    Thanks @m.str yes, i'm talking about the NG app. I'll give banks it a try.  
  17. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    aaah, right.. I forgot about Db25 connectors and their screw locking.  Its been a while since I've used one!..   Cheers!
  18. IncBank DecBank Trouble

    Hello, I just noticed a peculiar error in my configuration, that is based on the way that I switch banks while running the application. On my hardware controller I have two designated buttons, whose purpose it is to increase or decrease the bank number respectively. Basically it works as desired, the bank numbers get changed accordingly. But when I use these buttons multiple times, especially in succession to another, I noticed that my MIDI controller "resets". It return to its startup screen, but keeps continuing to react to my bank selections. This seems like an overload of some kind. Because I did not notice any curious in the MIOS terminal I decided to take a look at it in MIDI OX. There I saw, that after triggering one of the bank switches a loop starts which repeats a bank selection command over and over again. As if the triggering by my hardware controller does not get stopped after adjusting the bank number. The peculiar thing about it is that the value for the bank selection is 0x76, which is 118 in decimal format. That does not make any sense to me, unless it is some kind of error code, which I do not know about. Here is a picture of the log: the 0x02 values is te bank number value set by me triggering the respective button, the 0x76 lines just keep goin on and on after that. i was also wondering about the SysEx message, but I think it might be one of the logs ("bank == 2") that I set up in the ngr script to be printed after bank switching. The relevant ngc code for this is: #Bank Selectors EVENT_RECEIVER id=4042 fwd_id=SENDER:4042 type=NoteOn key=0x0a chn=1 range=0:1 EVENT_SENDER id=4042 if_equal_stop_on_match=RECEIVER:4042:1 type=Meta meta=IncBank meta=RunSection:2 EVENT_RECEIVER id=4043 fwd_id=SENDER:4043 type=NoteOn key=0x09 chn=1 range=0:1 EVENT_SENDER id=4043 if_equal_stop_on_match=RECEIVER:4043:1 type=Meta key=0x09 chn=1 meta=DecBank meta=RunSection:2 The ngr code for that section: if ^section == 2 log "section 2" if ^bank == 1 log "Sec 2 Bank 1" send SysEx OUT2 0xf0 0x42 0x30 0x24 0x41 0 0 0x00 0xf7 elsif ^bank == 2 log "Sec 2 Bank 2" send SysEx OUT2 0xf0 0x42 0x30 0x24 0x41 0 1 0x00 0xf7 elsif ^bank == 3 log "Sec 2 Bank 3" send SysEx OUT2 0xf0 0x42 0x30 0x24 0x41 0 2 0x00 0xf7 elsif ^bank == 4 log "Sec 2 Bank 4" send SysEx OUT2 0xf0 0x42 0x30 0x24 0x41 0 3 0x00 0xf7 elsif ^bank == 5 log "Sec 2 Bank 5" send SysEx OUT2 0xf0 0x42 0x30 0x24 0x41 0 4 0x00 0xf7 endif exec_meta RunSection:1 endif Does this seem familiar to anyone? Any reply much appreciated here! Best, Micha
  19. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Yep, the case hardware screws won't work perfectly with the Mouser part. I would personally recommend to use the 4-40 MF standoffs that come with the DB-25 socket as case mounts and keep the black screws for another day. Then you can properly mate a DB-25 cable. If you prefer the look of the >>panhead<< screws, feel free to mangle the thread in the DB-25, but you need nuts on the inside to keep it tight.
  20. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Thank you Latigid! I think I found an issue with the BOM, (or the case hardware packege, either way)     For the line TR/RX we have DB25 connectors with a 4-40 thread and it should be an unthreaded hole (so we can use the Metric screws and locknuts)  The part in the BOM,  Mouser 636-182-025-213R561     should probably be  636-182-025-213R551  which is the same part but would come with a bare .120" hole suitable for longer screws and nuts!! (Of course not in stock!) Off to buy two screws!!! ~Steve  
  21. Ways to add menu items

    Are you talking about the NG LCD display? If so, I can not tell for sure because I use displays on other MIDI hardware controllers.. But there it works. Add the bank=x parameter to the designated EVENT_* commands and that should be it actually
  22. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Building an RH    Building an LH   But Peter shows you the differences here. So if I understand the assembly video you can change the location of the longer cable to suit your case variant.    
  23. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Nice that you got the FLUXTEST working!   Cables should be almost the same lengths for RH/LH, as they have to travel from the left to the right for both cases' cases. :)
  24. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Guys, a quick question about cable lengths for the RH hardware build.  'Im testing everything here (fluxtest - success!) and its all been great but I realize that I'm following the video which has me building an LH seq.  I don't want to keep going forward and have to remake the cables,  Is there a place where RH cables are listed?   thanks ~Steve
  25. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    I found a serious error in the Edit Page when selecting the MIDI port. It occurs when the CV ports are selected back and forth while the SEQ is playing. the whole thing occurs only sporadically. I do not use CV, there is also an *-sign behind it, but it crashes here... !! HARD FAULT !! at PC=0x00047e38 i'm using the last mios32 master branch and my hardware is a LPC17.
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  27. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Ah cool, thanks Andy, Thanks for explaining.  
  28. Hi, I need help. I want to make a lighting midi controller. I need 15 motorized faders and 60 backlit buttons.  I looked at many systems on how I could make this. I came across Midi Box and I like it so far. But I don't know what I'm doing.  What Parts do I need to control 15 motorized faders and 60 buttons using this system and how would I connect it all.    Thanks in advance
  29. Thanks very much for explaining it and helping me understand it better. I might still look to get one in the future but my number came up on the waiting list so I managed to get a Cirklon 2.0 and that's taking up my sequencing time at the moment. Its my first hardware sequencer and I really like it. I bet I'd like the SEQ v4 too.
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