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  2. BLM pcb / parts cost

    Hello, everyone, I'm considering building very soon a BLM and I was wondering if there were still any PCB vendors around ? also how much do you estimate the cost price of a complete BLM unit ? Thanks !
  3. New eurorack modules from midiphy - preview

    will do, i ordered the chip a couple days ago to try and improve on the existing unoffical driver for axoloti (stm32f4 based too), but will also try and look into direct midibox use!   enough derailment, these midiphy modules look like all midibox users would ever want!!
  4. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Thanks - I think it's the cable. I have continuity everywhere but from J5 pin 8-> cable-> j2 pin8.  Will replace that once I get new ends - I think I wore out the 24pin header.
  5. when sending out triggers from AOUT Ch16 and then select in the parameter layer "lenght" i can change the lenght of the trigger/gate from 1% to Glide at 1% - no trigger at 2% - sporadic trigger from - 3-20% steady trigger from - 21-100 % double trigger with increasing distance (21% narrow / 100% wide) glide - only the first trigger before we fixed the grounding issue i got double triggers starting at 5% and other problems but now i'm pretty shure those are gates and not triggers making some modules being triggered at the beginning and the end of that rectangular pulse.  
  6. Cheers!  I'm not 100% sure what you mean with very long lengths. Does it remain when the gate length is set to glide? Video?
  7. thanks a lot, it's working much better now also the random triggers when inserting cables are gone now :) only get double triggers on very long "lenght" settings wich i assume is normal behavior. are those real triggers or very short gates? thanks @Hawkeye and @latigid on for your support and patience you deserve a beer btw. where is the "buy hawkeye a beer" button?
  8. yes, isn't so well drawn but that's what I meant.   thanks. i try it and report
  9. Is the external PSU actually +5/-5V? So a 10V supply? The 0V should be common rather than 0V to -12V. I think that's what your diagram shows, but the 0V of the PSU should connect to the yellowish wire on your diagram, not the black -12V
  10. @latigid on thanks! to be on the safe side, I made a drawing. it shows my current wiring. the black line with the question mark shows how I understand it. would that be okay? thank you! rbv2    
  11. [MIDIbox SID v2] DIN module map trouble

    It is normal that the Menu behaves like a "back" or more like an "escape" key.  I don't know why the others won't work.
  12. New eurorack modules from midiphy - preview

    No, it's not. If you really want to try it... here a mios32 module for the pixi (max11300). this is a draft ! Please share your work if you do some modification or correction. Thanks
  13. Hello friends I am building midibox FM and i have a small problem. For troubleshooting I use a minimal configuration with only MBHP_CORE module with 18F452 and MBHP_OPL3. At first I burned my pic ( bootloader_v1_2b_pic18f452.hex ) with an external programmer. With Mios Studio 2 I tested the midi connection that works. I have loaded with mios application  mios8_v1_9h_pic18f452.hex and then setup_pic18f452_mbfm_v1.hex. The restart is done with display of mios version 1.9h C 2014 T KLOSE then MIDIBOX FM V1.4i permanently -------->NO BOOT WINDOW But if I disconnect J2-2 (D2 to D7 duYMF262) I get my boot window on the display ?????? Of course I checked all the connections between the PIC and the OPL3 module. Do you have research leads to give me ? Thank you for the answer 
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  15. New eurorack modules from midiphy - preview

    i love the paper panels haha! no lasercutter fablab near to where you live i guess? are these MAX11300 powered by any chance?
  16. Everything sounds correct.   Yes and no? Try to have the 0V common to both PSUs, i.e. at the source of the power.
  17. New eurorack modules from midiphy - preview

    Yes, yes, yes!
  18. New eurorack modules from midiphy - preview

    looks cool guys !
  19. SeqV4+ custom keycaps

    Fancy !
  20. MBSEQv4 Beginner's Guide now in the wiki

    Thanks for great work  
  21. hi latigid on, thanks a lot for your answer.   - since i have made no changes in the HW Config beside setting the 1ms-option and SRs for clocks, gates & Trigger i would assume no - all tracks muted except for the one sending triggers to CH16 - checked all cables visually again - the resistance between 0V Eurorack and pin 2 of a Midi Socket oscillates between 1,8-2,5 Ohm - no jumper in J3 - the double trigger only occours on some modules and depends on the setting of the length in the parameter layer, when length is 4% it's almost gone, it's acting like a gate.. - I'll try to do the tests in mios when I understand how it works  yes, i am using an external power plug. i get 4,96V on J2 of AOUT NG and 4,96V on J19 of the Receiver unfortunately I still have to wait for the scope..   thanks rbv2  
  22. A scope might be useful to see what's going on.
  23. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    The JA matrix is driven by the extra ICs on lemec_R. The fact a whole row is missing points to an issue on the sink side.  Check continuity (also for cold solder joints and faulty cables) from the following pins lemec_R: IC17 pin 1 :: IC18 pin 7 IC 18 pin 12 :: J5 pin 8 J5 pin 8 ::IDC cable to JA:: J2 pin 8 JA: J2 pin 8:: MATRIX pin 14. The matrix pins are labelled like an IC, so anticlockwise from the bottom-left dot.    
  24. New eurorack modules from midiphy - preview

    Can’t get here soon enough! ;)
  25. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hi - I had some more time today to make some really good progress. So far everything is going smooth except for the JA board. I have the case almost all the way together. for the JA, I'm going to debug the weird button behavior I had way back, now that I know how the ICs work a little more. Anyway do you know what would cause this row not to light in the matrix (please see photo below)? The 2nd row of 16 leds aren't lighting on the JA matrix. I've reflowed the matrix pins and the large 24pin connector, as well as the respective connectors on lemec_r.  I am guessing this matrix doesn't connect to anything else on the JA board that would cause just this row to not light?   Thanks
  26. hi peter, at the shematic i can see the point you refering to but there is no jumper or place for a pinheader. yes i use the DOUT module for 8x Gate, 16x Trigger an 8x Clock the AOUT NG is for CV only. a friend of mine will lend me his scope. but i don't have one right now.   thank you!
  27. Probably @latigid on can help you out way more than i can... but i just looked up the AOUT_NG schem and it seems analog ground can be tied to digital ground (see middle of the schem), maybe by a jumper? If that is the case, i think the grounds should be all tied down together and nothing is floating, which might cause problems. We are using the AOUT (not NG) module, so i don't really know much about the NG. Two more questions: do you use a DOUT module for the triggers? I think, if an analog out would be used for that digital purpose, the DAC might "overshoot" or ring or might not be quick enough, but that is wild speculation. Do you have access to a scope, so you can see the trigger output waveform? Many greets and have a nice weekend! Peter
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