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  2. The updated boards finally arrived! will do some tests over the weekend and report back next week!
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  4. Is this possible?

    Thanks for the suggestions, I will ponder.
  5. Is this possible?

    Go for it! 
  6. Is this possible?

    Humm... is that so? And if there is some design thing I would like to be different, will I be able to change? And what modules will be secure to go ahead and get for now?   I'm still very tempted to do my own...
  7. Is this possible?

    And this is what v2 will be . Sorry Bruno!
  8. Is this possible?

    :) Well the thing is, I would like something more close to olre16, with an oled dedicated to each encoder. But in the format of ProgrammA.
  9. Is this possible?

    IMO just wait for ProgrammA v2, it will be awesome :).
  10. Is this possible?

    Hi! So I have been coming on and off for some time (maybe since 2012) reading, investigating, getting ideas, because I want to build a controller similar to a BCR2000 that will do what I need. I have my BCR2000 since 2011, still in use, but it was obvious, pretty soon, that it lacked the feedback I need. Feedback as info about what is happening. Leds are insufficient and to just have numbers only from 0...127 is a pain, when I need to see numbers and figures like "Hz" or "3/4" or "a sine symbol", "parameter name", "Instrument number/name". So, here I am. MB_NG is now quite advanced and I've also reached a point where I have to ask questions to fill my lack of knowledge and findings of what is possible to do in MB_NG so I can conclude my idea and start doing. For now there is no need to be technical, I haven't started the project, so I don't have any hardware, nor do I know programming. When the time to go more in depth arrives I will ask. So bear with me.   Questions (please answer with question number to avoid confusion): 1.1- Usually values are presented from "0...127", so 128 positions. In the BCR2000 I can program for less than "0...127" (128), ex: "0...100" (101) or "0...3" (4) or "0...9" (10). Can I program for more, ex: "0...999" (1000) or "0.0...999.9" (1000.0) or "0...9999" (10000), even at the cost of various turns of the encoder? I'm referring to the values/pulses/positions (whatever the name, and I mix them here, sorry) on the code for the encoder, not physical pulses of the encoder. I think its called MIDI messages or Channel Control Change messages?! Why would I want that? Well, precision. Precision for the value of a parameter (automation of point/vector of that parameter included). I use cubase, and back in SX3 version I remember something like "6xxxxx,xxxx" possible positions, maybe NRPN values "16,384"?! It could have been, but I remember more decimal houses. The current cubase has "1000.0" positions. When I want a certain number, I want the exact number, not an approximation. Take frequencies as an example, 128 positions and I'm bound to approximations that are far from being near the value I want. 1.2- Do the physical pulses of an encoder have any influence on this? 1.3- Assuming that there is no way of changing the format of "0...127" positions, can I assign specific values (cubase values "0...1000.0") to specific positions (encoder code positions "0...127"), ex: cubase value "745.3" to encoder code position "86"? Also have this translated to the actual parameter value, ex: "hz". 2- Given that 128 encoders are used and in use (ex: controlling vst parameters) can one of them still be used for Standard Control Surface menu system (by pressing "exit" or "shift" button) and of course still be programmed for a parameter? In the BCR2000 one just selects the encoder and rotate the various controls, that are assigned from fabric, even if the encoder being programmed is one of the assigned controls. 3.1- Is it possible to create shortcut buttons that directly call for an entire preset instead of having to go select one from SD memory card, through the Standard Control Surface menu system? 3.2- If yes, is it also possible to assign those shortcut buttons to a parameter of the DAW (one button executing 2 functions at the same time)? 4- Banks, do they have a limited number? 5- Is it possible to Bank Banks? ex: Lets say I have one group of physical encoders with 2 banks and another group of physical encoders also with 2 banks, so each group can change banks independently. Can I have a 3rd, global bank, that by selecting bank 1 it selects both banks 1 of the two groups of encoders?
  11. midiphy gates/clocks module

    You need to assign the shift register to the triggers in the HWCFG. Then the triggers should work on AOUT channel 16. With the new firmware version you can adjust the pulse time of the triggers.
  12. midiphy gates/clocks module

    How does one get the SEQ to fire off the triggers in D3?  I can get the clocks and AOUT working.  Should I have a DOUT option in the Port?  Is that a change I need to make in the configuration file or something?
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  14. Behringer RD-8 is STM32F4 based

    I don't own a RD-8, but i'm interested to buy one at a later point. On there is a thread about modifications for the RD-8 and i just asked Maffez, who is the person that comes every day with new ways to mod the RD-8 around the corner. The RD-8 seems to become a great success for Behringer. Seems they can not produce them as fast as they sell them. The first batch was completly sold out, after a couple of days. But with a price tag of only € 299 i don't wonder, when people buy these devices like crazy.
  15. Hello! I've (perhaps foolhardily) bought all the components to build a Midibox Sample Player with a "minimal circuit"-style LPC1769 core, since this thing looks like the best option to fill a percussion-sampler-shaped hole in my music setup. This is the first Midibox-related thing I've tried building, but I have some general electronics experience (advanced Arduino stuff and so on). The first problem I've run into is... The tutorial for the LPC1769 core says to download the LPCXpresso IDE v5.2.6 (not a newer version!) from a specific website, but that website seems to have been bought out by a different company, and they only seem to be offering the latest version of the LPCXpresso IDE instead, and requiring an oddly strict signup process to download it as well. Also I'm on a Linux computer right now, which I vaguely remember hearing might be a problem for the LPC1769 core setup process? I don't want to just rush forward and try things blindly, because in the past I've screwed up a couple projects that way, and I don't want to repeat that sort of scenario. So... Hopefully someone can shed some light on these problems? Edit: I went and made an account on NXP Semiconductor's website, and they only have versions of the LPCXpresso IDE going back to 6.0.x. Hmm... Still not sure what angle to approach this problem from. Should I just get a newer version of the LPCXpresso IDE and figure out how to load the LPC1769 core's precompiled binary onto the LPC1769 from there? This seems like the obvious next step but I'd prefer to hear from people who know what they're doing first.
  16. Accessible MIDIBox Lite

      Hi, I'm a blind musician and A MIDIBox Lite looks like a good solution for me, but I'd like some advice on a couple of component choices: 1 - Can anybody recommend suitable buttons for the GP buttons that have good tactile feedback (i.e. a reliable "click", not a spongy rubber button)? 2 - I'd like to add the encoder option for setting BPM so, again, could anybody recommend a good quality one that clicks around rather than being a smooth action? Many thanks in advance. Tim  
  17. Make NG listen to all banks?

    Hey TK., I wonder why RECEIVERS do not react to banks.  This is the example code:   EVENT_RECEIVER id=1 type=SysEX stream="0xf0 0x33 0x22 0x33 0x00 ^txt 0xf7" lcd_pos=1:1:1 bank=1 EVENT_RECEIVER id=2 type=SysEX stream="0xf0 0x33 0x22 0x33 0x00 ^txt 0xf7" lcd_pos=2:1:1 bank=2 I'd expect: When bank 1 is selected the text will be displayed on the first screen. When bank 2 is selected it will show up on the second display. If bank 3 is selected nothing should happen. But what happens is that it always shows up on both displays. Should it be like this? In my setup I send a bunch of SysEx strings to the midibox and I'd like to switch between them with banks. Is that possible? Thanks, Chris
  18. Behringer RD-8 is STM32F4 based

    Interesting! How did you find this out Thomasch? Did you open yours up?
  19. Just want to share, that the new Behringer RD-8 drummachine is using a STM32F405. Maybe MIOS is an option as an alternative Firmware for those of you who own one.
  20. It depends how bad the deflection is you may be able to shim it to get enough of the play out or press it to the one side for every hole. If you are using something like a Dremel 220-01 and you drill the first hole with a small 1mm or even .5mm bit you should not have so much wander. You mention mm off above. If you start drilling with a 6mm bit the holes will be all over the place as the crosspoint is likely a mm or two and that will move your work quite a bit and make it very hard to drill a good hole where you want it. You should be able to do that even without the slide if you print and mark your centers on a printed template. They should come out just about perfect with the slide. Test it out on a scrap piece of something and see how it does.   Here is a sample picture of the center of the drill holes marked you can use a dot or an X  what ever is easier for you.
  21. MDF board to mount control suface compontents... bad idea?

    I think my accuracy issues might be more related to the drill press itself. There's definitely some play with the arm that moves the drill down and maybe there's a way I can tighten it, I'll have to look, but probably not, its pretty cheap. I assume the slide won't help with that?
  22. MIDIbox FM V2.1 on STM32F4

    Looking to start implementing something like MIDIbox FM V2.1 HW and SW with cntl SW sourface at the beginning. Not clear to me which connectors implement the interconnection between CORE and OPL3 board in case of 1 or two OPL3 chips.I guess documents are with PIC board. Also i don't understand where to find code and compiling chain.   Any to help me ? Many thanks Bruno  
  23. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Nice to hear you got it resolved!  The (tented) via that you mention is the SO signal, so that ties in perfectly with your observations. The likely short was to 0V, so the 595 registers never received any bits to shift in. Best, Andy
  24. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    hello everyone   testing new release ,all works great!   two suggestions: could DIVIDER be on a separate button?for example like MIXER. and could SOLO function mute also all other LFO's?   kind regards  Kaz
  25. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    I finally managed to get all switches working. Great thanks for all the guidance during the bug hunt, it is highly appreciated! I was reflowing all the connectors in SRIO chain, and checking all connections with a multimeter. While doing that, I noticed that J89 on LEMEC_LH board had a short between bottom-right pin and third pin from top on right column. There is a narrow trace going between that third pin to plated through hole under J89. For some reason, a bit of coating was missing near that plated hole, and minimal contact was made to the corner pin. I had before visually inspected the area and checked for shorts only between adjacenting pins without reading actual traces in the PCB :/
  26. blm 16x16+x Costs - Calculation

    yep I'm also in for sure!
  27. blm 16x16+x Costs - Calculation

    I'm also looking forward to the new design :)
  28. blm 16x16+x Costs - Calculation

    Yes this cost is spot on. I have been looking at these for a while trying to figure out how to get the cost down and have not come up with something better yet closest thing is getting two of the Adafruit  Hella and putting a new board in them but it would not be as good of a design as this. but would put the cost of the pads and case at only $400. Adafruit has boards for the pads using the RGB pixels too that look interesting but I remember reading here that scanning a matrix this size in RGB would be too much bandwidth.  The app is really nice too but there is just something about having real buttons. Looking forward to building the new design.
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