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  1. I would love one of these also
  2. [WTB] MB6582 Non-soldered base pcb board

    Is there any update on when more MB6582 PCBs will be available?
  3. [WANTED] Ploytec GM5 Chip

    I'm in the UK and have some GM5 chips if you want.  
  4. Any more sammichFMs? [YES, see page 2]

    Hello, can you put me down for 1 full kit please Thanks
  5. Single channel DSP box

    It was originally just a project I did as part of my degree, but the onus has since shifted into turning it into a sellable product. However I'm finding it hard at the moment to see it developing to that stage.   Just checked out the H9, looks like a pretty impressive piece of kit; the only advantage I can see in my device is the reduced cost. The approach to effects processing is also completely different, H9 uses a single highly complex algorithm whereas mine you build upwards from blocks of simpler effects. I guess from most musicians point of view it is more convenient just to have a single algorithm doing everything straight away rather than having to worry about assembling effects manually
  6. Single channel DSP box

    Hello,   A few years ago I cobbled together a custom MIDI-box using materials and expertise provided by this community. It was a great learning experience for me, and got me thinking about the sheer potential of projects in this area.    I got my Electronics degree last year and have since been weighing up my options for the future. Luckily I received a grant from my University to carry on research into a device I was working on for one of my courses, and just recently I've managed to build a working prototype to demonstrate the concept (photo attached).   The device is essentially a single channel effects box with onboard DSP and a bluetooth chip to enable parameter adjustment via a smartphone app, which I have also made. Part of the inspiration for the device came from my experiences as an avid DAW user. In a DAW such as FL Studio, you have access to a highly powerful mixer interface with the ability to add/remove/mix/reorder effects at the click of a button. My device - which I've dubbed "Jamp" - is essentially a single channel of this mixer in hardware form, with the user interface exported to a smartphone.   So far I've managed to implement 5 band parametric EQ and chorus effects on the DSP while keeping the fidelity acceptable (16 bit at 96KHz), and I'm looking to write more very soon. So far I've only really spoken to guitarists for feedback, so the effects I've included in the roster are tuned accordingly (distortion, compressor, wah-wah etc). I'm utilising a general purpose micro controller rather than a dedicated DSP or FPGA chip as the core, in the hopes of keeping cost and power requirements down.    Before I put any serious time into further development, I need to get some views from the wider community to help tailor the design appropriately. I am also hoping to source some collaboration with technical aspects of the project, since I'm just running a one man show at the moment. Although I'm learning a lot with regards PCBs/C++/Java I'm also conscious  that my workflows may not be that efficient.   So, I was wondering if you any of you guys would be willing to give some input to the project? Is this something you could see yourselves or others using in a live setting or otherwise? Do you know of any other communities that may be interested in such a device?   I'm willing to answer questions you may have about the device itself, but forgive me if I don't go into too much detail regarding some of the technicals. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  7. Minimal/Techno mix

    Made in Traktor using my newly completed MIDIbox. If you like please consider throwing a vote my way on fbook, as I've submitted this mix for Creamfields' mixmag competition.   Thanks
  8. Switching LEDs with CC

    Hey, yes thats the code I've been using. But it only covers note events; can it be adapted for CC events too?
  9. Switching LEDs with CC

    Hey, its actually a custom design based on the MIDIbox 64 with 1x Core8, 3x DOUT, 4x DIN and 2x AIN modules. I used the SDCC skeleton for the firmware.   Thanks
  10. Hi all,   I'm trying to configure my MIDIbox to work with FL Studio, and so far I've successfully mapped outputs from the box to control knobs and switches in FL. However, I haven't had any luck in sending feedback to the box to trigger LEDs to light up.   FL has a plugin called 'MIDI out' which allows you to send CC, RPN or NRPN bytes to an external MIDI device. My firmware has only been configured to switch LEDs in response to note events. Does anyone have any suggestions how I can take CC, RPN or NRPN bytes being sent from FL and translate them into note events so the LEDs light up on my MIDIbox?   Ideally, I'd like to configure FL so it sends out a separate CC for each LED (on channel 2, as 1 is used for my pots and encoders). A CC value of 0 would turn off the LED, while 127 would turn it on.   Thanks
  11. gm5x5x5 Bulk Order #4 - spares

    Hey nILS, can I just confirm my order of 3x has gone through ok?
  12. Up and running with Traktor 2

    From the album Triffki Midibox

  13. MIOS_ENC_TABLE compile error

    Finally managed to compile and upload my code. Buttons, encoders and LEDs seem ok, just some noisy pots letting it down by the looks of things. Have got some exams coming up so will leave it for a few weeks
  14. MIOS_ENC_TABLE compile error

    Thanks, I'll give that a go later
  15. MIOS_ENC_TABLE compile error

    Has anyone experienced a similar error? I've followed the codeblocks setup to the tee and now its falling at the first hurdle, which is somewhat frustrating