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  1. PCBs for sale

    got the pcps and parts a few days ago, thx man
  2. search 4 OLED LCD

    ok get feedback from the seller:  
  3. PCBs for sale

    he is talking about 5050 LEDs so these for example might fit: aliexpress..
  4. PCBs for sale

    ELO: please more information about the used 2812 LEDs, which color in your Setup... it looks like you used 2x Single Color LEDs? CD? Color? - thx.
  5. send pm via smartphone display area problem

    i today updatedt to android 7.1.2, lineageos 14.1   >  still the same...
  6. search 4 OLED LCD

    so iic or spi?  
  7. 2 songs made with the new TriggerMatrix V3 Sequencer...: more chill influenced of molvaer...:   2nd is made for a contest, its about love...  
  8. PCBs for sale

    cool, you got pm i take 2...
  9. PCBs for sale

    the DIN6DOUT4 has pulldown/up resistors on board?
  10. i am offically a artist. i pay social insurance for that. my time is free for midibox making music for contest cd website or gig. have a girlfriend spending lot of time in love. cooking and houshold on my own... and midibox coding planing building consume the rest of it. since i need the devices for a gig end of february i dont have time for tutorials... but when i have some spare time i would make some video doku-to see what to have done BUT not a detailt tutorial for that it is to much information. but i think in german and for a mios based uset project so it would help only a small group anyway. so i have to rethink it i also dont have the best cam equipment nor mony for that.. maybe this and others is a reason that there are no video tuts outthere ,;)
  11. moturola g4 play. android. firefox when making a new pm: onboard display pops up and the sendbutton is hide. there need to be more place under the send button.  or.  the possibility to "overscroll"  
  12. search 4 OLED LCD

    i need 16 for my mb lre8x2cs placed like in programma. if you have that many. i would take 20 + 1xpcb   i was asking because on ebay you have to choose between spi  ans iic. when choosbing spi theboicture shows a 4 pinner; gnd vcc scl sca do i need spi?
  13. search 4 OLED LCD

    will this work in a multiple configuration? (stm32f4) 128X64-OLED-LCD-Display-SSD1306   
  14. Waveshare Core

    where to connect the "bootloader-mode" switch? -btw- like this small one.
  15. [FS] All of my midibox

    got mine today (Core + Midi IO) thx for SD-card   -best mike.