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  1. 6N137 on MIDI8 and MIDI-IO Boards

    thanks for that!
  2. midi socket 5pol Din 180° open for tips of course. i would order dez. earlyest since have to earn money for it such things before.,..
  3. midi socket 5pol Din 180°

    in fact it is 0.1mm less deep that the one used in midiphy seq boom the plastic can get easy cut away with a sidecutter when needet (i had such plug from reichelt and had to cut it away for midiio-pcb )
  4. midi socket 5pol Din 180°

    Producer: Shenzen City Xiangyunfeiwu Technology CO. LTD: Product: DS-8-03 - i just dont want to spend 2,5€ for a Din Socket on Mouser > they are crazy...
  5. midi socket 5pol Din 180°

    i could get 500 Midi Socket for 127€ excl Import taxe from china --- which give about 0,25-0,5€ for a Socket ---   anyone interested to take 100? (i am in austria) - dont think i want to hold more then 100 here in my workplace - so 400 would be aviable.   best mike.
  6. Out-of-stock parts for midiphy BOM tool

    may it helps anyone - i have made a boom for aviable parts  >  there are quite much that have to order from mouser anyhow (i have qoted them - but i am not very confident they will be cheap) BOOM-SEQV4.ods (untested)
  7. Out-of-stock parts for midiphy BOM tool

    (deletet content)   forget it --- my fail   (this excel list and numbers .... getting confuzed)  
  8. Out-of-stock parts for midiphy BOM tool

    cool thanks  
  9. Out-of-stock parts for midiphy BOM tool

    652-3306F-1-103 (for displays?)    can i substitue the 10K trimmers @ corekit with 20K ones? >
  10. Out-of-stock parts for midiphy BOM tool

    to 6N136, by searching the midibox forum there are some posts that they used th 6n136 with no problems... i will try them...   to not blow up the SEQV4+ tread:   ? see i right that you add this lines @ the end of boom: CORE: all other is unchanged? > means you just add this lines to the end of the Boom List?
  11. Out-of-stock parts for midiphy BOM tool

    in UI-Essentual-Kit - the last element of the boom is used the maker number: (makes not a different, but it confuzed me... came to a part which not exist, but as i can see evertything is in stock! sorry.) 4816P-T02-103LF|1   (thats maker nr.) 652-4816P-T2LF-10K|1 (thats mouser nr.)   782-6N138 CORE-essentual-Kit         1800 in stock - but stopped production    -      can i take  6n136 instead?  or others (will not that go away that fast,but since on lcsc they have for example 136 but not 138...for example)
  12. midiphy SEQ v4+

    i have finished  going thru the BOOM (making a excel for what i order from lcsc and what from mouser)... there are a couple mouser not in stock with weeks of lead time... (just a note, doesnt matter for me - same for lcsc ... until all is aviable, there will be some other not in stock, while other get in stock again...i understand) quest: the "517-929836-01-36-RK" (2x72pin header) is it really needet@once? > or is it to cut down to get smaller pin headers? --- i ask because its 3,4€ on a other side i could get e.g. 3x40 for 0,3€ each...
  13. midiphy SEQ v4+

    so everything is aviable now?
  14. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    I am sourceing cheap alternatives to mouser, for my projects, and for you dipcorei want to try for some of the parts. (some parts i already put in your dipcore wiki boom)   some questions: RESISTOR: do they need to be 1/4W or are there some where 1/10W is enough?   CRYSTAL: i dont know what Quarz you take... but when look at the footprint then it looks like it can only be "Reflowed" ? since the solder points are under the crystal? most of the Crystals i found have it under the Body... for example: 8MHZ 12pf how we solder them? C12-C13:20pf - had to be changed when using a other crystal.... so for the example above i would replace it with 12pf (or is there more i  have to think of?)
  15. CC-Looper (4ch controlchange looper)

    4Midichannels @ each 512Steps X 32th X 128 CCs of course only a few of the 128CC should be used @ once - 4x128xCCs @ 32th is Midi Data MESS and µC Death maybe only 256Steps, will depend on RAM.... RealWorld will tell each TRACK has a shared Track length for all its 128 CCs, The Whole Track can be copied, or a single CC. There is no EDIT, you can erase a CC or Track and make it new/override CC-Looper need a Synth with LEDRINGs -otherwise you have no Feedback and Overview. --- for Synths without LEDRINGS i take MSQ-CC-LRE - it has 8x32CCs and can automate them, and Save and Dump/Recall-them -  CC-Maping is Hardcode.