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  1. Hello Differential don't mean floating, so far MC3486/3487 are not isolated (trafo or opto) I suppose you need a proper and common 0V ref at both sides... Also shield and 0V are two different things (even if it connect together somewhere eventually) Best Zam  
  2. AOUT_NG Eurorack format

    Hello I guess max525 have better spec than tlv5630 Best Zam
  3. Blink LED with NG (Code-Sharing)

    following with interest... can be merged with this: best Zam  
  4. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    Hello This compact modular core is so attractive... Nice work ! Best Zam
  5. Blink LED with NG (Code-Sharing)

    Hello Chris That's a nice way to have blinking LED, I use this kind of strategy in my NG The drawback is that you can't run another script and keep the blinking. I start a topic/request long time ago to have a blinking mode at lower code level in mios, like a dynamic dimmed= mode Hopefully one day Best Zam
  6. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    Thanks a lot... I don't know how I miss this... single wire TX/RX it's perfect (my 0v is already shared by all cores) Did you already try the max length of the cable ? Is there some disadvantage compared to uart midi (direct J11 connection) with 10x speed at mios32, or only advantage? latency etc... Ok I stop here MBNet it's not the purpose of this topic Best Zam
  7. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    That's promising... is this new work around mios32 or did I miss this time ago ? I'm in standby right now with all this (my fader automation, which work great by the way...) and busy at the studio, but definitely interested... I'll come back to you when I have time, and if I'm not able to build mios32 by myself with all info at your link ! Best Zam   ps: how is the physical wiring around J18 for two or more cores ?
  8. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    Ok, what i suppose is possible :) Alternate mios32 to flip I2C to extra uart midi I/O is fine I don't use optocoupler, but direct J11 connection (at 10x midi speed) in a design where 3 core (later 4) are linked together Your design can potentially reduce a lot of space if I want to fit everything in a one U rack (now it's a 3U...) Best Zam    
  9. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    Hello Very interesting compact design ! Is there a way to have 4 midi IO with this 64pin version ? Best Zam
  10. Midi forwarding with modification

    Ok... I'm not aware that you can define the midi note from an event... maybe try with a delay (1ms) just before looping the section with exec_meta command. What the debug say before the crash ?   Best Zam  
  11. Midi forwarding with modification

    Theses two line are not valid ! check manual for -send- command   best Zam
  12. Midi forwarding with modification

    Not sure it's the reason, but you don't define any note, so maybe default is C-2, try with note=all   Best Zam
  13. Midi forwarding with modification

    Only one fwd_id allowed, you should forward to a sender and duplicate this sender (same hw_id different id) each one sending/forwarding to a different led. Or you use meta runscript and then do your forwarding/conditional at NGR. Best Zam
  14. Midi forwarding with modification

    Hello Out of idea right now... just make sure if your led:3228 is used for other function that it's value is not different from 0 or 127. Best Zam
  15. Hello As I say, you can't modify the 32ch HUI limitation in PT You should be able to control way more channels in PT from your desk (remote) by using the fader bank Still I don't know how it react with 32 channels, dose the flip go per 8 meaning 1 to 32 then 9 to 40 etc... Or flip per 32, 1 to 32 then 33 to 64, you have to try. Anyway this will not be bidirectional. if you flip let say from 1-32 to 33-64, your first console channel no longer link to first PT channel which might be a problem in your use case as I understand it now. In fact the question is, do you need desk analog channel to be locked to the same PT channel all the time ?   Ok, so you already hook the VCAs ?   About protocol... In PT you have no options, HUI is 4, EuCon I don't know, but you won't get the protocol spec... In DP I'm able to use as many MCU modules as I want.   Best Zam    
  16. Hi Ok... I was thinking you where stuck with 8, so I give a solution for 32 (max allowed simultaneously) You should be able to bank channels (zone 0a) to swap per 8 BUT in your specific use case where analog hardware can't be "relative" channel as it physically link audio to the channel you have no solution, except using a DAW that allow more controller units. Maybe you already do but did you make a call at GS or GroupDIY for the schemo Automating VCA is possible with MIOS, but without schemo and initial system spec it's difficult (need time to reverse engineer the VCA section) Best Zam  
  17. Hello PT can handle 4 HUI devices At NGC you should define events to the different midi I/O. e.g for USB: All data to/from HUI n°1 with port=1000..... All data to/from HUI n°2 with port=0100..... etc then select the corresponding midi port at HUI setting in PT Best Zam        
  18. Midi forwarding with modification

    Hello   Can't confirm that, but if you observe this and are sure everything else is ok at your NGC then it's the case   Best Zam
  19. Midi forwarding with modification

    I guess you don't define led 2050 at NGC...  
  20. Midi forwarding with modification

    I don't get it... can you please show us the whole NGR section ? Best Zam
  21. Midi forwarding with modification

    I repeat myself, did you define your LED in NGC ? EVENT_LED id=1001 hw_id=1001 type=cc chn=1 cc=66 range=0:127 ports=1111110000000000 best Zam
  22. Midi forwarding with modification

    Hello There is no problem using dummy LED out of the hardware (hw_id=) count did you define your LED 1001 in the NGC ? fwd_id= send the value on the event. Best Zam
  23. Midi forwarding with modification

      Hello IIRC you don't "have to" with reset, all previous definitions will be erased without reset they will remain after loading new files   Best Zam
  24. Midi forwarding with modification

    For info, there is also the LOAD command that can flip and change whole configuration (.ngc .ngr)
  25. Midi forwarding with modification

    Hello Yes, bank mechanism don't store data at SD card Did you consider the snapshot mechanism ? Best Zam