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  1. Hi Rio, PM sent! Cheers, Andre.
  2. Hi Thorsten, Thanks very much for this addition. The new calibration function works great! Most voltages can be calibrated within 1 mV. Awesome! Best regards, Andre.
  3. Hi Thorsten, I'm using the AOUT_NG board and calibrated it in such a way that the lower octaves (1-4V) were most accurate. The output voltages there were off between 2 mV and 18 mV (most of them were off < 8 mV however) which is good enough. At 8V however, the out values were off between 30 mV and 70 mV which is almost a semi tone. I didn't know this interpolation algorithm was already implemented in the MB NG. I think it would be nice to have in the MBSEQ V4 if the core can handle that so the CV outs can be calibrated in a more consistent way over the whole range, independent of ind
  4. I have a suggestion for optimizing the CV configuration procedure by implementing a compensation curve for each D/A channel. I didn't came up with this myself but saw this implemented in an other micro controller based module I build some time ago. The first step of calibration would be the same as it is now. Use the trim pots to get the output of the DAC as close as possible to the ideal output voltages. Then, by using an offset for each 1V step the DAC non-linearity could be compensated for. So, you'd select 1V output in the CV config menu and measure the output voltage of the chan
  5. Thanks! I really enjoyed building this and now it's time to enjoy using it
  6. Yesterday, I finished my MBSEQ V4 build. I decided on the following components for my version of the sequencer. STM32F4CORE MBSEQ CS: Wilba Control Surface BLM16x4: 16 x 4 button matrix TPD: Track Position Display 2 x MIDI I/O: MIDI interface, a total of 4 MIDI IN and 4 MIDI OUT DOUTX4: 4 x 8 digital outputs AOUT_NG: 8 CV outputs (1V/oct) I did think about placing the digital outs and CV out modules outside of the main sequencer using line drivers so the sequencer did not have to be near the modular synthesizer. I did test the configuration and it
  7. I have a few line driver PCB's left which a don't use. Included in the photo are the finished PCB's for reference. PCB's will be sold without components. A set (1 receiver PCB and 1 transmitter PCB) is €5. Shipping to most European countries is €4. If you're interested in buying a set let me know where you live and I can verify the shipping costs.
  8. A quick update as I finally tested the configuration below. Both the DOUTX4 and AOUT_NG modules were connected with line drivers. This configuration also worked fine. The digital outs worked as it should and I could switch the output voltages of all CV outputs via the CV configuration menu.
  9. Would be nice to be able to select 1.2V/oct in the CV configuration menu. This is useful for connecting to Buchla modular gear.
  10. Although I have decided against using the line drivers in my final setup I did test the line drivers with the DOUTX board today. I used the following configuration. It seems to work just fine (as ilmenator predicted ). I will also test this in combination with the AOUT_NG board but must make some cables to make that happen. I also tested this configuration without the line drivers, with the DOUTX4 board connected directly to the TPD board. This also worked without problems. Update soon!
  11. My reference was to the line drivers. When I added them, power consumption went up with about 300mA. The TPD and BLM16x4 were connected to the receiver side of the line drivers. I didn't expect them to be so power hungry...
  12. Just to add some more info to this thread... I tested the line drivers in my configuration (STFM32F4 core, 2 x blue LCD, Wilba panel, line driver transmitter, line driver receiver, TPD, BLM16x4 and 2 x MIDI I/O) and the power consumption peaked at 750 mA. So these things really add to the overall power consumption!
  13. Looked into the decimal point problem yesterday. It took a while before I realised that I had somehow managed to solder in a 100n cap instead of a 100R resistor for R16... After I fixed that, all worked fine!
  14. My MBSEQ config at the moment contains the STFM32F4 core, 2 x blue LCD, Wilba panel, TPD and BLM16x4 panel and 2 x MIDI I/O. This configuration consumes 450mA peak at 5V.
  15. Thanks for that information! I have my TPD up and running, only problem is that the decimal point of the BPM display is not working. Haven't looked into that yet but your info definitely makes it easier. The text you see scrolling at start up is the name of the active session. My guess is in your case it is the default text when no sessions are active. Press the Exit button until you see the firmware version in the left display. In the right display you should see /SESSIONS/<your active session name> Just select SaveAs and enter the text you want. That text will be displayed in
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