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  1. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Yes, I've been very careful about no heating the LEDS, and set my iron to 300°C as suggested. I just had to desolder one superflux LED at some point, I then verified it with a CR battery and it still worked, so I resoldered it to the board, and by trying to reposition it flat, I lifted two pads.
  2. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Good morning everyone,   I made a soldering newbie mistake once again… let's hope it will be the last one. So working on a LeMEC board, when adjusting the position of one of the superflux LEDs, I managed to lift the pads 1 and 2 of SW8 (see pictures attached). These two pads are not completely ripped-off but definitely lifted, so I'm not sure if they provide a good connection. I should also say that a LED is still soldered on SW8 spot.   Is there a way to verify the connection between pads 1 and 2 of SW8 with the soldered LED? Or soldering a wire bridge to another point on the board?   Hope someone can help again, thanks in advance!
  3. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Cool idea, but I also think that the led windows are way too small, sorry… I'm almost sure that I'll paint the caps in white, inside and outside if I can, leaving the top unpainted, and will post the results here (probably next week).
  4. midiphy SEQ v4+

    I'm currrently building a V4+ and also thinking about painting the external sides of the DSA keycaps (probably in white to match the case, which should block the light sufficiently). I think it would provide a clearer indication for the eye, and shouldn't be difficult with some spraypaint, varnish and good masking tape application. Painting the internal sides is not a good idea IHMO, as applying tape inside the caps would be almost impossible to do accurately. Or maybe painting the inside in black with a small brush, and the outside with white spraypaint?
  5. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Great, thank you for taking some time to help me, and also for calming my nerves!
  6. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hello again,   As written just above, I had problems with pinheaders, soldered in the wrong directions, which I managed to desolder without damaging too much the board or other components, at least visually. So now I'm a bit anxious because I don't have the skills to know how to verify that every other component on the board is still ok or has been overheated, which I guess would cause future problems.   Is there ways to check that other components are still ok or need to be replaced? I spent hours (!) to desolder the pinheaders, being careful not to heat the board too much or stripping the leads, but it's probably way too much time (I obviously took breaks but still… ).   Am I being to nervous here? or should I just re-order a new wCore PCB and the corresponding parts, since it wouldn't cost so much?   PS: I'm definitely thinking about creating a thread dedicated to my build, so I wouldn't flood this topic with newbie questions, and I'm sure it would help other noob midiboxers just like me, who are willing to learn on the job.   Thanks in advance!
  7. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Thanks for your advices! It took quite some time but I managed to desolder all the pinheaders, by lifting the plastic parts and desolder the pins one at a time, as suggested. Even with desoldering one pin at a time, it was a lot more tedious that I thought, now I just hope I didn't damage the board too much and that the rest of the build is gonna go fine :) @latigid on I meant normal unshrouded pinheaders (Hawkeye refers to them as ‘gold pinheaders’ in the V4+ build tutorial).    
  8. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hello dear midiboxers!   I'm building a V4+, and just had my first screw-up… I managed to solder in the wrong directions the gold pinheaders of the wCORE. And of course realized that after having soldered 8 of them. I tried to desolder them, using desoldering braid and pump but had no luck so far… so I was wondering what would be the best option between clipping off all the pinheaders and just reinstall new ones (I guess removing the solder without the headers in the way would be easier ), or keep trying to desolder and therefore take the risk to overheat the board?   Would love to have your opinion, thanks!
  9. Out-of-stock parts for midiphy BOM tool

    Ok, thank you CJ55 and latigid on for your precise answers!
  10. Out-of-stock parts for midiphy BOM tool

    Thank you latigid on and gbrandt for your answers! Sorry about that, I'm a complete newbie and a bit afraid to order the wrong part, so just to be sure, could you give me a link of a specific component that could replace CR1206-JW-561ELF? I couldn't find a 500 or 470ohm CR1206 on Mouser, just 430 or 510.  Is this one ok? Or that one? They're not the same dimensions as the Bourn's, which is why I'm asking… And I'll check Reichelt for sure! Thanks
  11. Out-of-stock parts for midiphy BOM tool

    Hi everyone, First post here, oh my :) After a few months of saving, I just bought a SEQ V4+ on the awesome Midiphy Shop, and can't wait to get my hands on it. It looks like the sequencer I've been searching for a long time! The Midibox community is so interesting and impelling to me, thanks everyone who in some way or another has contributed to the SEQ project. So I ordered all the components from Mouser for the V4+, and I just got an email announcing that a few parts were out of stock. Here's the list: 1 • CR1206-JW-103ELF (10K resistors) 2 • 3FTH9 (MEC switches) 3 • 1S11-19.0 (MEC switch caps) 4 • CR1206-JW-561ELF (560ohm thick film resistor)   I found 1, 2 and 3 on Digikey and RS-components (I'm located in France), here are the links while I'm at it and if that can help: Digikey: 1, 2, 3 RS-components: 1, 2, 3   Digikey seems like the best option since you can order in single quantities.   It was quite easy to find the missing components apart from number 4, which is out of stock everywhere. So, sorry if that's a silly question, but I was wondering if anyone could help to find some alternate component that would replace CR1206-JW-561ELF? Preferably on Digikey, since all other missing pieces are available there, but somewhere else would be fine too.   Thanks!