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  1. Thanks for listening and supporting guys, really appreciate that!
  2. Hello dear midiboxers, I just wanted to share the new EP that I just released, called "La couleur préférée du carrossier": https://kevingotkovsky.bandcamp.com Four library-digital-bossanova-world tracks entirely sequenced with the one and only SEQ V4+ ;) If you like 70's and 80's type sounds, you might enjoy this! Cheers, please don't hesitate to give me any feedback, KG
  3. Yup I'm aware of that function, but that involves having to do it manually and I was more looking for an automatic solution. I don't know if a lot of users actually use the SONG mode to its full potential with lots of different patterns, time signatures, lengths, etc., but for those who do, it could be useful to be able to restart certain tracks without having to do it manually, because a lot of time the timings are messed-up when switching from a pattern to another (especially if for example G1T1 was 128 steps long in the first pattern and 64 steps in the second pattern). In my case I'd
  4. Hello, Here's a proposal that I've had in mind since I've been using SONG mode in the past months: it could be nice to have a "Restart" action for given song positions, which could look just like the "Mutes" action, but instead of muting/unmuting it would restart or not the chosen tracks, if "disabled" is chosen in the "Restart all tracks on pattern change" in the options menu. I think it would be very useful, because for example when working on just the middle or end of a song, most of the times I have to playback the song from the beginning to be sure about what's gonna play and in
  5. I asked for such a function a few months ago, except I called it ‘broken chord’ instead of ‘strumming’. Still think it would be really nice as a parameter layer!
  6. Nice thread idea Blatboy! My workflow with the SEQ is basically the following: —I have only rack samplers, synths and effects boxes all gathered in two cases next to each other, and I’m controlling and composing everything with the SEQ, which is also racked-up in one of the case. —Apart from rare exceptions, I’m only using my machines mono-timbrally on one midi channel per machine, so that I can easily adjust things on the fly without getting lost. —All my gear is hooked-up to the SEQ on specific ports so that I can take advantage of the great DUPLICATE fx of the SEQ.
  7. You should probably read the manual once again. In your case, look for the first 3 options in the options page, which allow you to specify a number of steps before a pattern will be switched, on a per-session basis.
  8. Hello, About your last question, have you tried using the "ReSt." (restart) function in Track Mode? As I understood it allows to use a different "Restart all tracks on pattern change" option per track. Cheers, Kevin
  9. Hello, Don't think so, you'd have to use an additionnal transposer track for that. Cheers, Kevin
  10. @slo Thanks for trying too, are you also running the latest firmware, seq_v4_097_pre3?
  11. Hi everyone, As documented in this thread, I've encountered a sync bug regarding pattern switching in SONG and PHRASE mode, when tracks don't share the same time division and/or length. I attached a zip file containing a session with a simple reproduction of the issue (please refer to original thread for more details). Here are also two videos with the actual song that I was working on when I discovered the bug. Pay attention to the TDP when the patterns are switched around 0:16 and 0:32: And the second one with just the Organ lead sound, with the tempo slowed
  12. I just uploaded two videos showing the problem on my actual song. On the first video, pay attention to the TDP when the patterns are switched around 0:16 and 0:32: And a second one with just the Organ lead sound, with the tempo slowed down and Follow Mode activated. At 0:42 we can see that the last step of the second pattern plays instead of the last step of the first pattern: I managed to reproduce the problem in a super simple session which is attached in a zip file in this post. The issue seems to happen when two tracks of a same pattern don't sha
  13. So I've tried four SD cards with no luck. But now I'm quite sure of what's going on, but don't see a workaround as it looks like a bug. I slowed down the tempo of my song to 20bpm with Follow Mode ON and that allowed me to see more clearly what is happening. I ran several tests with just one track playing at a time, and they all share the same behavior, syncing the tracks to measure or not didn't change the result. Here's a more detailed explanation: —SONG mode —Pos.A1 = x1 1:A1 (Verse) = 64 steps —Pos.A2 = x1 1:A3 (Bridge) = 64 steps —Pos.A3 = x1 1:A2 (Break) = 64 steps —P
  14. Hi Peter, thanks for the reply, I'm currently running the SEQ using a SanDisk SDHC 4GB card, but I'll try with other SD cards and report back. Greets, Kevin
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