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  1. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    I asked for such a function a few months ago, except I called it ‘broken chord’ instead of ‘strumming’. Still think it would be really nice as a parameter layer!
  2. SEQ Workflow w/other gear

    Nice thread idea Blatboy! My workflow with the SEQ is basically the following: —I have only rack samplers, synths and effects boxes all gathered in two cases next to each other, and I’m controlling and composing everything with the SEQ, which is also racked-up in one of the case. —Apart from rare exceptions, I’m only using my machines mono-timbrally on one midi channel per machine, so that I can easily adjust things on the fly without getting lost. —All my gear is hooked-up to the SEQ on specific ports so that I can take advantage of the great DUPLICATE fx of the SEQ. —One small midi keyboard is connected to IN1 of the SEQ, and I just switch tracks on the SEQ if I want to record something live or step-record. —Some synths midi out are connected to IN2 and 3 of the SEQ if I need to record knobs automation (which I rarely do, and few synths send knob movements through midi out anyway). —I’m using sessions as songs (I actually have a template session which I duplicate when creating a new song). —I don’t use external sequencing capabilities on my synths/samplers except built-in arpeggiators sometimes. —When using the synth live, I’d use either SONG mode and manually switch between the 16 buttons-available song positions (which is nice if you want to make your solo last longer than what was planned), or PHRASE mode and manually switching patterns, muting tracks, etc.  —To skip from a song to an other, I just stop the sequencer and change sessions, which is I guess ok considering I’m not making techno and tempos can drastically vary from a song to another.   And that’s basically it for me. The great thing with the SEQ is the ability to do almost anything on the fly without stopping the sequencer, which is great for improvisation. The fx are great to improvise variations when using the SEQ live, especially the duplicate and echo functions, which seem to work at almost any time, maybe in combination with force to scale. The ALL function also works great for live action on CC stuff like panning, filtering, etc, which are not necessarily available as knobs on external gear (on old akai rack samplers for example). The BPM ramp function is also super nice for intros too, if you want to start with a slow tempo that gradually builds-up to something faster.   There’s really tons of ideas on how to use the SEQ live creatively! One last thing that I like to do live is making solos by having a 16 steps track with all the notes pre-programmed but gated-off, and manually gate them on/off, while another track with a lower track division setting is transposing the notes of the solo track, so it’s not always the same. Then for extra spiciness I can also change the solo track division setting, transposing, or make it play in reverse, etc.
  3. Queue transpose to beginning of pattern

    You should probably read the manual once again. In your case, look for the first 3 options in the options page, which allow you to specify a number of steps before a pattern will be switched, on a per-session basis.
  4. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Hello, About your last question, have you tried using the "ReSt." (restart) function in Track Mode? As I understood it allows to use a different "Restart all tracks on pattern change" option per track. Cheers, Kevin  
  5. Queue transpose to beginning of pattern

    Hello, Don't think so, you'd have to use an additionnal transposer track for that. Cheers,   Kevin
  6. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    @slo Thanks for trying too, are you also running the latest firmware, seq_v4_097_pre3?
  7. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Hi everyone, As documented in this thread, I've encountered a sync bug regarding pattern switching in SONG and PHRASE mode, when tracks don't share the same time division and/or length. I attached a zip file containing a session with a simple reproduction of the issue (please refer to original thread for more details). Here are also two videos with the actual song that I was working on when I discovered the bug. Pay attention to the TDP when the patterns are switched around 0:16 and 0:32: And the second one with just the Organ lead sound, with the tempo slowed down and Follow Mode activated. At 0:42 we can see that the last step of the second pattern plays instead of the last step of the first pattern: Hope this can be fixed! Best, Kevin
  8. Sync issue when switching patterns

    Sure thing, good idea Peter :)
  9. Sync issue when switching patterns

    I just uploaded two videos showing the problem on my actual song. On the first video, pay attention to the TDP when the patterns are switched around 0:16 and 0:32:   And a second one with just the Organ lead sound, with the tempo slowed down and Follow Mode activated. At 0:42 we can see that the last step of the second pattern plays instead of the last step of the first pattern:   I managed to reproduce the problem in a super simple session which is attached in a zip file in this post. The issue seems to happen when two tracks of a same pattern don't share the same length and/or division. The session is composed of two tracks and two patterns. Pattern A1: —Track 1: Kick — 16 steps long, clockdivider 16 (normal) —Track 2: Hat — 24 steps long, clockdivider 16T (triplet) Pattern A2: —Track 1: Kick —16 steps long, clockdivider 16 (normal) —Track 2: Hat — 24 steps long, clockdivider 16T (triplet) It's a simple drum beat, and there's only one open hi-hat note (D#3) at the very end of the pattern A2 (on the 24th last step). If you play the SONG (with a slow tempo and Follow Mode activated, which makes it easier to see), you will notice that this D#3 note plays instead of last step of pattern A1, so before the pattern A2 is supposed to be played. Once again, I ran the test using both SONG and PHRASE mode, and results are the same. Cheers, Kevin
  10. Sync issue when switching patterns

    So I've tried four SD cards with no luck. But now I'm quite sure of what's going on, but don't see a workaround as it looks like a bug. I slowed down the tempo of my song to 20bpm with Follow Mode ON and that allowed me to see more clearly what is happening. I ran several tests with just one track playing at a time, and they all share the same behavior, syncing the tracks to measure or not didn't change the result. Here's a more detailed explanation: —SONG mode —Pos.A1 = x1 1:A1 (Verse) = 64 steps —Pos.A2 = x1 1:A3 (Bridge) = 64 steps —Pos.A3 = x1 1:A2 (Break) = 64 steps —Pos.A4 = Jump to Pos.A1 —Steps per measure = 64 steps —Change considered each = 64 steps —Pattern change synchronization disabled or enabled (same result) What's happening is that when the SEQ reaches step 64 of Pos.A1, which is the last step of pattern A1, it plays instead the last step (step 64) of the next pattern (A3 in my case). And then it plays the first step of pattern A3 as expected. The problem is the same if I'm in PHRASE mode and switch manually from a pattern to another. As said in my first post, I tried using guide tracks but that didn't help. I'll try to reproduce the problem on a simpler session and share it here, I can also make a quick video if needed. All best, Kevin
  11. Sync issue when switching patterns

    Hi Peter, thanks for the reply, I'm currently running the SEQ using a SanDisk SDHC 4GB card, but I'll try with other SD cards and report back.   Greets,   Kevin
  12. Hi,   I have a weird issue with SONG and PHRASE mode on one song/session.   Basically this song is composed of 3 parts: Verse, Bridge and Break. 14 tracks are running, some with different dividers and lengths, but they all show-up nicely synchronized on the TPD display (the track lengths are set so that they all restart at step 1 at the same time without being synced to measure). The 4 groups of tracks have each 3 patterns named Verse, Bridge and Break.   I’ve set up the SONG so that the sequencer plays endlessly the 3 patterns one after the other. It works, but the sequencer “hicks up” when switching from 4 patterns to the next 4 patterns; it kinda “swallows” the last notes, and when switching from the third pattern (Break) to the first (Verse), certain tracks go out of sync.   The same thing happens if I’m in PHRASE mode and switching the patterns manually.   I tried with and without a guide track of 64 steps, with and without all tracks synced to measure, but still no luck.   The session settings are the following: —Option 1 (Track Sync, Steps per Measure) = 64 steps. —Option 2 (Pattern Change Sync, Change considered each) = 64 steps —Option 3 (Pattern Change Sync) = enabled —Option 5 (Restart all tracks on pattern change) = disabled (also tried enabled). —All tracks not synced to measure (also tried in sync). —All tracks have ReSt. off (also tried on).   I’ve been working on this track for a few days, and the weird thing is that at some point I know that the pattern switching behavior was working right, without any sequencer hick-ups, but I can’t find when those sync problems occured…   Any hint of what could be wrong, or may I have encountered a bug?   Thanks!
  13. Metal LoopA is available now :)

    Looks great, congrats! :)
  14. Tips Live Perfomance

    Hello, Yes the manual can look a bit daunting but it's really precisely written, I'm actually coming back to it almost everyday when I'm working with the SEQ, the learning curve is a bit stiff but that's because the sequencer is a complex machine capable of lots of different things. If you wanna understand one function, just create a dummy session and try it! Considering your question, you can assign a Bookmark to the Pattern Remix page, or re-assign a button of the V4+ UI by modifying the MBSEQ_HW.V4 file.
  15. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Hi, Quick proposal: when the option "ALL Function works on Step View only" is enabled, and when skipping from step-view 1-16 to 17-32, wouldn't it make sense that the cursor "follows" from step 1 to step 17? Thanks