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  1. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Hello, I was wondering if there were a way to reorganize track locations, for example moving track G3T1 to G3T2 or to another group, using the MOVE button? This would be useful to prepare live setups :) Thanks! 
  2. New eurorack modules from midiphy - preview

    Yes, yes, yes!
  3. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Hello!   I've been playing with my V4+ the past few days and it's more than amazing, thank you so much TK for all your great work! I've got two suggestions that came to mind while configuring everything with my synths/samplers setup: 1) I'd be nice to be able to rename CC parameter layers for specific tracks/synths/machines. So that LCDs — on the parameter layer page — could display custom labels ("LPCutoff" for example) instead of CC# values. It's quite hard to remember what each CCs do, as they're not assigned to same actions from a synth to another, so I think it could be a great improvement! Or can we already do that and I somehow missed it? I saw that southpole mentioned it, so is that in the to-do list? 2) Another idea for a new midi Fx on chords tracks: a ‘Broken chord’ effect that'd decompose all the notes from a given chord and ‘nudge’ their placement and velocity, in ascending, descending or random fashion. It would be a nice way to imitate some nice smooth broken chord actions. I attached a piano roll example if that helps.   Of course, I have no idea if those ideas are even possible to implement, they're just suggestions :)   Cheers!    
  4. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hi all! I finally finished my V4+ build, and just wanted to thank everyone in here, I've been studying the manual for a few days and also trying to find a good config with my synths/samplers setup, and so far it seems that it's simply the best sequencer in the world :) Huge thanks to TK, Peter, Andy and everyone who helped troubleshooting. I have to that I had barely touched a soldering iron before, so without help from the community and Peter's great tutorial, I wouldn't have been able to finish the build. I'm the living proof that anyone with a few basic tools, motivation and organization can build a working V4+, thanks to Midibox awesome users (beers are coming up!). About the build, I also agree with everything that has been said in the previous page concerning cable lengths adjustments and loose 3M shrouded headers, and I can't think right now about anything else than that could be improved, as I don't have much experience (I'll edit my post if anything comes to mind). I already have a few suggestions and questions about the firmware, but I'm saving that for later :) Also, I'm actually working as an artist but I've been trained as a graphic and type designer, so I'd be glad to help on anything related to that, if that comes handy at any point. Thanks everyone again! Best, K    
  5. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hello all, I'm coming close to an end on the V4+ build, and just had a question regarding its power requirements. I'd like to power the SEQ without any computer, using the USB hub and a regular 5V/1A phone USB plug, if possible. I've read on the forum that MBSEQV4 power comsuption doesn't exceed 1A, is that still the same with the V4+? Also, in the tutorial video (that I'm following closely), Peter says at 2:11:55 to jumper J15_S on the wCore PCB to 3.3V. Should I still do that if I power my V4+ with a 5V phone adapter? Or should I jumper J15_S to 5V? Hope someone can help, thanks in advance again!
  6. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Thanks, will definitely do it! Have a nice week-end,   K
  7. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Damn, you're right, I missed that part from the tutorial, not sure what happened… thank you so much for taking some time to help!
  8. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Yes, I tried to reflow all of them, checked for shorts or anything else but I'm still having the same issues.
  9. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hello! I just had weird issues testing LeMec PCBs. Basically, as soon as I ‘set debug on’, MIOS Studio detects erratic button actions, as pasted here: [84691.903] [MBNG_LCD] no response from CLCD #1.1 [84691.903] [MBNG_LCD] no response from CLCD #2.1 [84691.904] [MBNG_FILE_C] Event Pool Number of Items: 348 [84691.904] [MBNG_FILE_C] Event Pool Allocation: 12250 of 65536 bytes (18%) [84691.924] Patch 'seq_l' loaded from SD Card! [84691.932] [MBNG_FILE_R] /seq_l.NGR (optional run script) not found [84741.581] set debug on [84741.584] Debug mode turned on [84741.586] MBNG_DIN_NotifyToggle(69, 0) [84741.586] No event assigned to BUTTON hw_id=69 [84741.598] MBNG_DIN_NotifyToggle(69, 0) [84741.598] No event assigned to BUTTON hw_id=69 [84741.608] MBNG_DIN_NotifyToggle(69, 1) [84741.608] No event assigned to BUTTON hw_id=69 [84741.618] MBNG_DIN_NotifyToggle(69, 0) [84741.618] No event assigned to BUTTON hw_id=69 [84741.629] MBNG_DIN_NotifyToggle(69, 1) [84741.629] No event assigned to BUTTON hw_id=69 [84741.639] MBNG_DIN_NotifyToggle(69, 0) [84741.639] No event assigned to BUTTON hw_id=69 [84741.651] MBNG_DIN_NotifyToggle(69, 0) [84741.651] No event assigned to BUTTON hw_id=69 [84741.661] MBNG_DIN_NotifyToggle(69, 1) [84741.661] No event assigned to BUTTON hw_id=69 [84741.671] MBNG_DIN_NotifyToggle(69, 0) [84741.671] No event assigned to BUTTON hw_id=69 [84741.682] MBNG_DIN_NotifyToggle(69, 1) [84741.682] No event assigned to BUTTON hw_id=69 I didn't include everything as the data flow seems infinite, sorry for the long scroll, I don't know how to make this as expandable text. So I took apart the PCBs, inspected everything, reflowed all the joints, but that didn't change anything. Should also say that JA PCB works fine and has been tested as shown in Peter's video tutorial.   Here's links to hi-res pictures of the PCBs:   Does someone has any ideas of what could be wrong? Hope someone can help because I'm stuck — once again :) Thanks in advance!
  10. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Ok, the headers were just not pushed enough, I just gave it a good push and now everything works fine… not the first time that I feel like the dumbest dude on planet earth on this project ;) I'm surprised about how much force we need to apply on those so-small pieces sometimes. Anyway, thanks latigid on and Peter for the super fast replies as usual, you guys are the best. Wish you a great day (as sunny as mine in France) K
  11. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Yes, no other options than << none >> on the dropdown menu. I also tried with the micro USB, the Waveshare is still powered (VBUS is lit) but doesn't show up.
  12. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hello! I'm almost done building all the PCBs, and I'm having another issue uploading MBSEQ App on the Waveshare, just searched a few hours on the forum but couldn't find an answer. So I got MIOS Studio 2.4.8 running (on MBP High Sierra), but the MIOS32 midi I/Os don't show up on MIOS Studio (just displays << none >>). I tried several options but nothing worked so far (tried booting different versions of MIOS Studio, restarting MIOS Studio or PC several times, MIOS Studio on another Macbook running Mavericks too). Here's all the infos I could gather:  —Red PWR led on the Waveshare is lit. —VBUS led on the Waveshare is not lit. —Checked the soldering on all PCBs and nothing looks wrong. —Waveshare's pinheaders are not fully engaged on low-profile headers (but I can't seem to push them further).   I'd greatly appreciate a bit of help is anyone has a clue, thanks in advance!    
  13. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Yes, I've been very careful about no heating the LEDS, and set my iron to 300°C as suggested. I just had to desolder one superflux LED at some point, I then verified it with a CR battery and it still worked, so I resoldered it to the board, and by trying to reposition it flat, I lifted two pads.
  14. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Good morning everyone,   I made a soldering newbie mistake once again… let's hope it will be the last one. So working on a LeMEC board, when adjusting the position of one of the superflux LEDs, I managed to lift the pads 1 and 2 of SW8 (see pictures attached). These two pads are not completely ripped-off but definitely lifted, so I'm not sure if they provide a good connection. I should also say that a LED is still soldered on SW8 spot.   Is there a way to verify the connection between pads 1 and 2 of SW8 with the soldered LED? Or soldering a wire bridge to another point on the board?   Hope someone can help again, thanks in advance!
  15. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Cool idea, but I also think that the led windows are way too small, sorry… I'm almost sure that I'll paint the caps in white, inside and outside if I can, leaving the top unpainted, and will post the results here (probably next week).