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  1. @Elektruck There are some links to v4.097 pre-releases earlier in this thread. I think this one has the clock rates: http://www.ucapps.de/mios32/midibox_seq_v4_097_pre6.zip
  2. Looks perfect. Definitely going to get these for my v4+ and LoopA when they become available.
  3. @latigid on Thanks for the info. I'll keep it in mind. Didn't mean to derail this software release thread with hardware talk. Perhaps a moderator can move these posts to the Midiphy V4+ topic. Thanks
  4. Thanks @Antichambre, I will try the updated version.
  5. @Antichambre Ha, yeah, I guess window on top or bottom is a matter of personal taste. I'm about to pull my clear caps off and address the light bleed. Thinking about using some 3/4" heat shrink tubing cut into rings. I saw you settled on black magic marker. After that, I will be installing the windowed keycaps. It requires a lot of hand pressure to install the caps onto the switches before inserting them into the PCB. With you having installed different key caps and removing and reorienting them a few times, did you have any issues pressing them onto the switch with the switches already soldered in the PCB? Any advice? Thanks Edit: Sorry, perhaps this is for a different thread.
  6. @Antichambre, I just tried your precompiled hex file and it's pretty cool. Nice tweak! Completely unrelated: did you rotate your keycaps 180º?
  7. @Hawkeye Thanks for the reply and feature consideration, Peter. That all makes sense to me. Switching to an empty scene or muting tracks while leaving the LoopA running is an easy workaround for sending clock. Thanks.
  8. Hi, @Hawkeye and @latigid on, I just finished building the LoopA and I must say that I find the kit to be every bit as nice and solid as the V4+ kit. Fit and finish is top notch. I do have a few questions/suggestions about things I have run into: 1) After creating a new blank Session, when saving for the first time you have to manually select an unused Session slot, otherwise you will overwrite the last Session you loaded with the Load function. This has happened to me a few times already from muscle memory since, once you’ve already saved the Session at least once and get into the flow of saving minor changes and additions, it’s easy to just hit Menu + Disk —> Save quickly each time to save your changes. Question: Is there a way to have the initial save of a new Session default to the first unused Session slot? Not a dealbreaker by any means, but might help with workflow. 2) When recording MIDI note input from an external MIDI keyboard, if I hold a note for the entire loop length, I have to let go of the note a little before it reaches the beginning of itself. If I miss the mark early, the note will end too early and I’ll have a gap that I have to manually lengthen, or if I miss it late, the Note Off will kill the entire length of the note and I’ll wind up with a very short note. Question: Is there a way to have the note snap to the beginning of itself or have the end of the note automatically end and join the beginning of itself for a seamless drone type note? Even overlapping would be fine, but I’m not sure how that could work with the Note Off being sent. Again, not a dealbreaker but would help reduce the time needed to manually fix the note. Maybe I’m just not approaching it in the right way. 3) I have been using the LoopA as master clock and have been syncing drum machines and my Keystep (sequencer/arpeggiator). When the LoopA is stopped, the clock is also stopped and my synced machines are waiting for clock before they can be used on their own, for trying out ideas or working out parts soloed. Question: Is there a way to add, maybe in the Setup page, the ability to toggle a constant clock for each of the MIDI Out ports? Then only the start and stop commands would need to be sent with the Run/Stop button. With it being a toggle, you could turn this feature on and off per output port, depending on the type of MIDI device you have connected and what it likes to see. These are just suggestions of course. All in all, I find the LoopA to be a very fun piece of gear that I enjoyed building and look forward to using for a long time.
  9. @SimonSays I've run into this too. The lack of c-2 (note 0) is the only thing keeping me from fully sequencing my Elektron boxes with the v4+. @latigid on This is a good idea that I hadn't thought of, setting the notes higher and then internally transposing the notes back down, but I just tried it and it also stops at c#-2. I have had success with a MidiGAL set up as an external transposer, but at that point it's more cables, more power, more settings. I wind up going back to syncing the v4+ with the Elektron sequencer, which certainly isn't bad. Since Elektron boxes also use MIDI notes chromatically, and each Elektron track can be set to a different MIDI channel, another workaround is to use a separate track on the SEQ with a different midi channel just for Elektron's track 1 (usually bass drum) and use C-1 (note 36) which is Elektron's center of the chromatic scale and plays the native sample pitch. Eats up a track on the SEQ and an additional MIDI channel but it works. By this logic, if you had enough available SEQ tracks and MIDI channels, you could sequence each Elektron track sound on a different MIDI channel. I just tried this on my Rytm and each SEQ track has a different channel playing note 36 (C-1) and they correspond to the tracks with the same channels set on the Rytm. You'd might need to turn Auto Channel to OFF so the Elektron's active track is not triggered. I stopped trying to figure out the SEQ settings after finding this post from 2018: Edit: It looks like I haven't stopped trying to figure this out after all. Trying all this out today I just came to the realization i could do all of this on the same drum track on the same MIDI channel on the SEQ (ch 1 for example). I set BD to C-1 (note 36) and then the rest of the drum instruments to c#-2, d-2, etc (MIDI notes 1-11) and it worked fine. Auto Channel set to OFF on the Rytm made it so the Actively selected track wasn't triggered by incoming notes, and also on Rytm, I set Track 1 channel to MIDI ch 1. All the other Track channels are set to OFF. Works! Last Edit: Here's a Preset file for Rytm set for MIDI Ch 10. Created and saved on v4+ hardware. SEQ-Rytm.zip
  10. @mcmurray, Not sure about the OLED issue, but in regards to the LH/RH behavior, when I built my right handed v4+ I also had seq_l.ngc working properly with the boards plugged in in left hand configuration, with seq_r.ngc behaving strangely when plugged in in right handed configuration. I saw an earlier post by @sis.tm that helped me jump that hurdle where he mentioned: So, based on that, I then tried the final firmware (at the time. 0.95?) with the HWCFG right hand MBSEQ_HW.V4 with everything plugged in in right hand configuration and everything worked fine. I just chalked it up to the seq_r.ngc file that I had and moved forward. Once it was running the seq_v4 application, another thing that threw me off a little was my TPD behavior not matching what I had seen in videos and pictures. By changing the setting of the TPD on the Midibox itself by pressing Utility -> options -> opt26 -> "Green LED: POS Red LED: Track", this gave me the TPD behavior I was seeing in the various videos and pictures. Not trying to derail any troubleshooting you guys have going on here in this thread, but maybe try loading the seq_v4 firmware and use the right hand MBSEQ_HW.V4 config file with it all plugged in in right hand configuration and see what you get. Just my observations. Here's the post I referenced earlier:
  11. Hi, In the SEQ V4+, is there a way to have a Parameter Layer affect another? Or, more specifically, assign a probability percentage to a Parameter Layer? For example, on a drum track, if I have a snare on a step and I have the Probability Parameter Layer engaged and set to 75% and the Roll Parameter Layer engaged with one of the roll lengths selected, the step will play on average 75% of the time and it will always have roll when it does play. Is there a way to have it play n% of the time and also have the Roll/Roll2 Parameter Layer be activated n% of the time? For example, 75% Step Gate probability with 25% Roll/Roll2 probability. So there's a mixture of single snare hits and rolled snares when the step does play. I see that there's a 'Ro' setting in Nth1 and Nth2 deterministic options, just curious if this can be done somehow with Probability for a more dynamic, random result. I did try some probability settings in the trigger layers A and B, but the probability setting affected the velocity gate, too, which muted the step with the same probability. Thanks in advance for any guidance.
  12. I would love to be able to take credit for this, but I got the idea from looking at @Antichambre‘s photos. I really like this idea, differentiating between groups of four steps 1-4, 5-8, etc. might have to pop mine back open and try this. Maybe blue for steps 1-4, and adding some green RJ resistors with gradually decreasing resistance to groups 5-8, 9-12, and 13-16, resulting in a blue to cyan shift with red as the stepping light. Would help me zone in on the downbeats.
  13. Thanks, @TK.. I exported with the option enabled and then again with it disabled and the state was accurately reflected each time in the output of the midi export.
  14. Thanks @TK.! That was a quick fix. Question: Does/can the Midi Song Export honor the "Restart all Tracks on Pattern Change"? (Utility -> Options -> 5/33 -> enable) If I do not enable this, in Song mode, the tracks with patterns that have random Step direction fall out of step alignment on the next change to a pattern with a Forward direction, for example, since it just continues on to the next step after the last randomly chosen step from the previous pattern. Enabling it fixes the issue in Song mode, making all the tracks start at Step 1 on the next pattern, but I don't think this is reflected in the Midi Export. Thanks!
  15. Hi, I posted this in the Midiphy SEQ V4+ troubleshooting thread but after a bit of conversation, it seems the topic is better suited to this feedback thread, as it could be bug related. Original post for more details: Basically I've come across a couple issues: 1) When removing the SD card while the SEQ V4+ is powered on, all of my push buttons become unmapped, losing matrix assignments, although the encoder turns do remain mapped. Since the MBSEQ_HW.V4 file is not reloaded upon SD re-insertion (according to the MBSEQ_HW.V4 section of the user manual at: http://www.ucapps.de/midibox_seq_manual_in.html), the push buttons remain unmapped and unusable until I reload the release package midiphy_rh MBSEQ_HW.V4 with MIOS Studio, issue reset command with MIOS Studio, or power cycle the SEQ V4+ with the SD Card installed. 2) Exporting songs, tracks, groups, or patterns to .MID files (Utility -> Disk -> MIDI Files -> Export) causes a Hard Fault. Pretty much anything I try to export results in either a Hard Fault with an address such as "PC=0x08049b0c" or "08049b5e", or the unit will just freeze with the "Exporting G_T_ to /MIDI/___.MID" notification on the OLED screen. This requires a hard power cycle on the V4+. I provided an example session with basic generic patterns I whipped up, but the crash/freezing happens with any session, large, small, or freshly created. I guess I'm just curious if these two things happen to anyone else with a standard issue Midiphy RH V4+ w/VGT6 chip, or if it is specific to my build. Everything else seems to be working great. MIOS Studio query data: Operating System: MIOS32 Board: MBHP_CORE_STM32F4 Core Family: STM32F4xx Chip ID: 0x10076413 Serial: #1D0027001851373337323532 Flash Memory Size: 1048576 bytes RAM Size: 196608 bytes MIDIbox SEQ V4+.095 (C) 2018 T. Klose Thanks to everyone for their support and welcoming comments. I'm new to the Midbox forum and the Midibox universe, in general. Example.zip
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