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  1. Working Project : DreamBlaster X2

    Thanks Yogi, very true  !! Here's a review that may gives you some examples what you can do with DreamBlaster X2  
  2. Working Project : DreamBlaster X2

    Hi guys,  launched a pre order campaign on Vogons I am working on a preset editor, allows to edit Detailed Reverb/Room and Chorus characteristics, 2 band equalizer, output gain setting and Swap Stereo L/R,... and store your preference in the card's flash. Hope to be ready by december 5th.  
  3. Hi all, my MIDI electronics experiments started long long time ago, with a PIC based MIDIBox... I sometimes peek at the midibox site (I am mostly on vogons forum these days), but now it is really time to post again ... :-) I proudly announce my latest project, a successor for X1 : X2 !! - Small form factor midi PCB : 65mm x 38mm size - Waveblaster compatible connector for use on sound cards and DIY projects. - Dream 5000 series synth chip with 81 voices polyphony - Super low latency <1ms - 64mbyte flash for soundbank data - USB MIDI in (Class compliant midi device, works on Windows XP without drivers) - stereo line out using a high quality 24 bit DAC (3.5mm stereo connector) - Preloaded with a high quality 16 megabyte Dream General MIDI soundbank ( Running very well already with old games,  still working on the software to add some features allowing to tweak more. I expect to have a batch of these ready by december :-) I should make some recordings soon. What do you think ?  
  4. Hi, my plug-on board dreamblaster X1 is finished now. Same pinout as the smaller S1 some use in their midibox, but much more features and larger soundbank. I sent one to Phil in Australia (3 weeks underway in post !), and now he finally made I nice review. Even though it is not a midibox, and closed source (requires NDA to buy their dev kit), I proudly want to show it to you here.  I will be starting my next project for 2016, with a dream chip, ideas welcome !! Greetings, Serge  
  5. Free MBHP CORE LPC17 PCB's

    Okay, all 6 going to FantomXR
  6. Free MBHP CORE LPC17 PCB's

    Hi,   I still have 6 naked MBHP CORE LPC17 V1.0 laying around here. (see photo's).    I had ordered 10 pcb's and built 4 core modules. I gave away one and still have 3 here. That is more than enough for my experiments,  I don't need more.    So if anyone is interested in a few or all of them, let me know your address, and how many you want.   I will send them to you for free (except postage cost - via paypal) Postage cost within Europe :   3.5 euro for 1 or 2 PCB's in a foam envelope (<100g)   7 euro for more PCB's together in a foam envelope (<350g)   Grtz, Serge
  7. The forum game

    Pamela Anderson (Barb Wire in 1996)
  8. The forum game

    Paradise by the Meatboard Light
  9. The forum game

  10. Hi, I uploaded pay.c's mb64 sysex files for rebirth on my site. You can download it at (see description below) Thanks pay.c ! Have fun, Ser
  11. // software patents

    Hi, you can read more about this protest on It has some result as you can read on I reopen my website today. Regards, Serge
  12. Logic 5.5 and meta events

    Hi Ian, I don't know (???). I don't have any version of logic. Anyone else knows ? Regs, Ser
  13. Hi pay_c, what you could make quite easily is a Excel2ini converter. With TK's, you can convert this INI file to sysex. Using vmidibox, you can save to INI file. You can of course also load and save sysex  in vmidibox. This means you can convert freely between sysex and INI format using both vmidibox and . The INI format looks like this (extract): ... [POTS]    # Pot Row 1    1   =  B0 5B [00-7F] "Reverb # 1" DEC|    2   =  B1 5B [00-7F] "Reverb # 2" DEC|    3   =  B2 5B [00-7F] "Reverb # 3" DEC| ... I think you could import/export this in excel  in some way. On the other hand a good text editor on the INI file could avoid using excel ? If you make such excel file with import and export macros, let us know  :D! Good luck, Ser
  14. the old

    Hi, I just came upon a website that is completely off-topic, but quite cool. But first : I read the new community server coming soon . Great achievements again TK !!! It is incredible how much TK's projects have grown through the years. Congrats !! And now : For those newcomers and nostalgics who want to see what the ucapps page was in 2001, see the links below.  (in fact you can retrieve older snapshots of almost any site here  :o)*/
  15. Hi, I temporarily closed the main page (Supporting the free software community protest against software patents). You can still access the vmidibox page at : Regards, Serge