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  1. Iedereen bedankt voor de felicitaties. Volgend jaar 40 dan maar ff feessie bouwen toch :)

    1. EsotericLabs


      Hiep hiep hoera. Midibox begint na de 40!

    2. technobreath


      At least then the kids start to get a bit older, and you can kick them out of the baby room and have some friggin space for working with it :P. Contrats Twin-X!

  2. Everyone a happy new year!!!!

    1. technobreath


      merry christmas comes first.

  3. Sta je dan! Bij de Esso midden op de A7. Tank leeg en portomonee laten liggen op je bureau :( #kansloosfiguurdiejef

    1. Antix


      some days you have to stay in your bed or ...leave your office later

  4. Hehe ik mag eindelijk naar bed van mijn werkgever :P

    1. Shuriken


      Lol, that facebook integration works great. But i guess you will have to post in english now ;)

      Slaap lekker

  5. Facebook integration works now!! Go to your profile and link it to your FB account for easy login.

  6. Please reupload profile pictures

  7. Where is your avatar and Photo. I demanz one now!

  8. "Twin-X has no profile comments yet. Why not say hello?"

    Euh .... Hello?

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