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  1. Hi if the heathsink that you have ordered are not self adhesive I would suggest to you akasa thermal tape http://www.akasa.com.tw/update.php?tpl=product/product.detail.tpl&type=Accessories&type_sub=Thermal%20Interface&model=AK-TT12-80 I used it and is very good and reliable and... not expensive greetings Antonio
  2. Antix


    Great !
  3. Thanks Thorsten for your reply as usual you are very kind Often the more you break your head on the wall the more simple is the solution of the problem After a lot of evening trying to make work my circuit I noticed that the problem is the programmer and the 16F series. I made a lot of midiboxes with my programmer without any problem but 16F877 wants Vdd during programming and as you can see in the schematic the "P" ( programming ) position cuts Vdd. ( the "E" position is for evaluation board function ) With Pic 18F452 or 4620 or 4685 I never had this problem an succesfully programmed in P position Probably I am a stupid and forgive me if all of you already knows that 877 needs Vdd during the programming but may be useful share this information about older PIC. I was deceived from the random operation , as you can see the picture the circuit worked occasionally. Thanks again to TK Best regards Antonio
  4. hi, Recently I bought a JX-8P and decided to program it with a nice looking MidiboxPlus ( no matter the age :)) I am using: 16F877-20/P 20 MHz xtal mplus_pcb_v1.brd redesigned board which is consistent with the final schematic succesfully burned and verified PIC with ME-Prog from Micro Engineering using Epic Programmer ( I made a lot of Midibox with this programmer ) midibox_plus_v1910.zip is the firmware with the 16 pot variant now the pain I powered up about 50 or 60 times and LCD visualized the right screen only 3 times. ( as you can see in the attached image ) the other times a line of blank character . It seems to me something like a bad LCD initializing ( am going to buy another LCD in the case the one I have may be too slow) Please does anyone reported strange behaviour like this on MidiboxPlus or other possible cause of malfunction? ( I am searching in the forum but have not a solution yet ) Thanks for any help or information Best regards Antonio P.S. I am going to buy new LCD from different manufacturers but if someone reported of slow LCD ( initializing ) please I will be glad for any help
  5. Antix


    Hi Peter, Nice track ( a little headache for the fast cam moving ) I noticed of your ESI samplers , I bought a ESI2000 for 30 euro in a local flea market and I am very happy about it greetings from Italy Antonio
  6. At my side there is the same problem. Sorry if I opened a tread about this issue after this one after LatigidOn Best regards Antix
  7. Hi, Volume potentiometer of my beloved Blofeld and Virus are going "wobbly"...I dont like this may anyone suggest to me the part number ( Mouser or RS or other supplier ) of the volume pots for Blofeld and Virus C ? Thanks and regards Antonio
  8. Antix


    The outer is great... any pics of the inner ?
  9. Hi guys, I noticed a strange behaviour in the forum gallery. If I click on a pic at the top of main page I am normally readdressed to the gallery but if I try to use the arrows tho change the pics I obtain only blank. ( some pictures are displayed but some not ) It's only at my side ? Thanks and regards Antonio
  10. Hi Thorsten, Finally I completed the boards for MIDIO128 and modified the code as you suggested me. To achieve the 1ms pulse I added not this code after USER_SR_Service_Finish label but I have added after USER_SR_Service_Finish_End It works but I have an analog scope so I cant measure the time of the pulse with high precision , anyway , comparing the pulse to the scale on the CRT of the scope it seems to me about 1ms . Best regards Antonio
  11. I have not experienced electrical or airflow noise whit a "silent fan" ( powered at 5v instead of 12v ) Anyway I have disconnected it
  12. I used heatsinks for DIP devices sticked with AKASA thermal biadesive tape and have disconnected the fan and drilled some additional holes in the bottom of the case P.S. I am not advertising for the brand of the tape...it is only what I used for feel free to use any other thermal tape you want :smile:
  13. I need it too please It will be the same for me without sequencer ( a 3U rack only for pots and switches ) Illustrator or FPD or corel or DXF Many thanks for any help Antonio
  14. sorry! we cant find the track :no:
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