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  1. Revised 25-pin breakout port

    thanks blingy   pm send   christoph
  2. Revised 25-pin breakout port

    I would take the last one if still Germany. Thx Christoph
  3. 3-way CV range toggle

    Nice work. I like that you can switch between different input voltages. Very cool. Last week I stumbled over the mutable instrument schematics as well. I prefer the the attenuverting scaler from the braids schematic. Should work with a MCP6002. Christoph.
  4. MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

    Hi guys. After some rather long baby and buchla absence I am starting slowly to collect info about my midi2cv module. Some nice progress here the last month. Has anyone build a box with a CS PCB with led rings and oleds? One question occurred yesterday when I wanted to check out the clock divider function. But I couldn't find it in the lemur template. Since I am not able to test this with the real core (and the minimal CS) at the moment, I wanted to ask if this will be implemented in the lemur CS. Or when it's already there where to find it. As you might know one of my most wanted wishes is to integrate the midi2cv into modular land. Clock input is already on the request list. Another one would be cc implementation. Then one could control the module with a cv2cc interface. (Clock speed, clock divide...... Can this be done? Does it make sense? Christoph.
  5. External control of steps

    Hi there. Just wanted to report. After a heavy week and finally upgrading my seq3 with a lpc17 board, I could test this feature. I works like Thorsten described. I took an old pic8 core and installed mb64 on it, which has the 8 analog ins ready to use. Then I took a simple pot and could control the steps of the track. I can not say how stable but it is pretty awesome to have an analog Lfo controlling the seq4. Next for me is to build a proper PIC protection/scaling circuit, so that a 0-10 voltage (alternative -5/+5 volt) is controlling step 1-16. For the trigger inputs START and STOP it should work already with a proper transistor circuit (pulling the appropriate DIN to ground). This should work in parallel to the CS Button? DIN input: For the external step inputs 1-16. For example: high voltage on DIN input corresponding to step 7 jumps right to step 7. Shouldn't this work already in manual step mode? Ah. Ok only for the steps which are active on the CS. I am still thinking in 16 step sequences. So we would need extra DINs as stated before. Some things in my mind. - External clock input. - It would be cool to jump to an specific step and tell the Aout to update the voltage while turning the knob. Without triggering the gate output. - clock divider outputs. This is all so exiting and cool. Sadly I don't have more time and things go very slowly. Thanks Thorsten. Incredible features for people with analog gear. Christoph.
  6. [S] TPD (Track Position Display) PCBs for sale

    One for me aswell. Thanks.
  7. MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

    It seems that I just have one way communication. I tried the latest software yesterday and still no update. Than I thought, maybe the lemur needs the information from the core to update? But I couldn't find any info on that. And I couldn't manage to send anything from the core to the lemur. I am using OSC by the way. With a dedicated router. And without a computer. Christoph
  8. MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

  9. Track Position Display 8x16 Duo LED latest?

    Hi thorsten. If you still have your Christmas gift, I would be very happy to take it. Looking forward to a pcb as well. Christoph.
  10. MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

    I was building the aout in my seq3, with the jacks on top of everything (8cv/4gate). I always and still love the fact that everything is in one case and the feeling that the sequencer is controlling my synth is more intense for me. I just like compact things. And I know this is luxury but I want a dedicated aout in every midi box controller I build. But I didn't want to distract you from this beautiful case design. It is definitely is a strong argument to have the Aout somewhere behind the desk or in the modular and only on big data cable from the midibox to there. And to have one slick desktop case for tweaking. I am looking forward building this thing. I had always something like an euro/4u/5u modular module in mind. Direct put in my modular. I think it depends on how much/what you want to control with lemur and how much/what with the CS case. At the moment I am overwhelmed by the devices/boxes involved. iPad goes-> midibox cv goes-> Aout goes-> analog synth. Buchla is always good for inspiration Christoph.
  11. MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

    Crazy!!! That looks fantastic. There is nearly no progress in two years and then this!!!! Incredible job from all of you.  I really like the CS design. Well done... Here are my thoughts. - My experiences with the lemur control surface where similar to Thorsten. It is nice but not intuitive enough. And in the end it distracts you from tweaking.  - the main fun for me is the physical separation from iPad and midibox cv (wifi router). - the second main fun with lemur are the bouncing balls, the x/y pad (I did implement them in the lemur program), the motion sensor (i wanted to implement but got distracted), and of course the graphical envelope/Lfo. Drawing on the iPad is fun, turning knobs not.  - one thing I don't like with the lemur and I think it is implemented that way. When changing cv channels the display is not updating.      - definitely buttons for the 8 cv channels.  - standard scenario for me: do the setup and all the routings (Lfo -> envelope etc..) and save it. then play around with levels of the various function generators.  - so the lemur is good for setup and as a performing tool with the motion sensor and the big X/Y pad.  - the CS Box is good for tweaking and fine control of the levels. And we have visual feedback of the outputs via the graphical displays. The Aout needs to be close or inbuilt to the CS.  - Does anybody know of a small wifi - router to be build in the CS Box?  - CV in and Gate/Pulse in would be a nice enhancement. To sync lfo´s or trigger Envelopes from extern. CV in could be used to quantize voltages... I need to test this with an cv to midi interface... - And the last: Patch Morph?    Might these thoughts be helpful for someone.  Christoph. 
  12. External control of steps

    Thank you so much Thorsten. Sounds so cool. Unfornuatly I can first try it next week. Christmas party's and children have priority. Christoph.
  13. External control of steps

    Great, Great, Great. I was hoping that something like this is going to be implemented. Trank you so much Thorsten. Perfect. Is this planned to be fixed or editable in UI. If editable I would say everything from 1,2,3,4,5,6, in the divider menu right now. If not I am very happy with your proposal. Christoph.
  14. External control of steps

    Ha funny I was searching the whole day to get analog control over the midibox seq. but didn't found a suitable solution. So we need a acsensorizer hooked up to the seq. generating the CCs. Right? And I am with lukas412: both options would be nice. But option 1 would be preferred. Yeah this should be possible. Running the seq from an external analog clock signal is great. One thing I will try next time my seq is open, is to add a analog clock to the tap tempo button. While we are here: multiple clock/divider outputs independent from the tracks would be awesome. Maybe some day.... Christoph.
  15. MB909 beta version PCB bulkorder

    Unfortunately I am not a good programmer. But I did put my name on the list. My 9090 pcbs lying under the bench for nearly 10 years. And that's not good.