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  1. you should make the serial io headers match smashtv brds so cabling will be simple...
  2. MIDIbox SID Bassline Demo #3

    another kicking demo. thanks again again, tk.
  3. hmm thought you need a recompile for that. anyways update mios and maybe it will work...
  4. sid v2 requires PIC18F4685 sid v1 PIC18F452
  5. Where can i buy SMD MIDI female connectors?

    riding his +5 hammer of logic, smash-claus circles the world with < 1ms latency. be sure to leave out some solder sponge squeezings and crunchy floor sweepings for him. but don't try to get a glimpse of him...
  6. The MB6582 Panel Group Buy : FINALLY!!

    forget lexan, mylar is the way...
  7. X/Y Touchpad controller.

    ha! told you them things was no good... *whack*
  8. whatever you do, don't try to build that second montrosity...
  9. Core to SID trouble?

    first check it's not inserted backward, then check for solder bridges at the power pins..
  10. Closed ok, at the suggestion of Wilba, i have decided to handle the bulk order of the albs waldorf type knobs for the mb-6582 for the u.s. and canada. NOTE: - u.s. and canada only - opaque red, opaque white, or opaque grey waldorf style knobs only - paypal only - deadline for received payments 0ct. 1, 2007 these knobs are black with grey/white/red top and side stripes. (bottom right of this photo) these are the same size/shape knobs as Wilba's MB-6582, except with grey/white/red instead of semi-translucent bluish-grey. these knobs work best with the MB-6582 panel design and components. YOU NEED 15 FOR MB-6582. FYI Wilba's next MB-6582 will be using red/black knobs. HERE IS WHAT TO DO TO GET IN ON THE ORDER: 1. DON'T POST "ME TOO" IN THIS THREAD. 2. DON'T ASK TO BE ADDED IF YOU MIGHT NOT REALLY WANT THEM. 3. DO NOT FLOOD MY INBOX WITH QUESTIONS.   ask questions (if not already answered in this post) in this thread.     (suggestions are also welcome) 4. email me to get on the list at jimp< at spam sucks >pobox.com   the title of your message should be "Albs waldorf knob bulk order"   in the body: your MIDIbox username your paypal address quantity you want of each of the three knob colors 5. wait at least 24 hours for a reply email confirming your order.   if it doesn't appear after 24 hrs then you can ask about it. on oct 1, i will get a quote from albs with the quantity that have been paid for. when i have a confirmed quote from albs, i will make the order. i gather that this can take some time, so be patient. the knobs will be $1.50 usd each. shipping will be $6 via usps. the point here isn't to get them cheaper but rather to get them at all since albs requires a large minimum order.
  11. MIDIbox SID-NUXX-based synth on eBay?!?

    might be quicker to sell matches *whack*
  12. Newb Thinks He's Figured the Optimized PSU

    overrating v on a cap is ok, as long as you have space for it (larger v rating usually means larger cap) underrating is not ok...
  13. Sparkfun silicon duo matrix

    perhaps you misunderstood that sentence, since it is a little off topic.  we were talking about other ways to get silicon buttons than the sparkfun ones.  quality tact buttons don't need to be debounced. if you are questioning the "more durable" part, it is i guess SmashTV's opinion that the sparkfun buttons may wear out sooner.  (Not that the guru has nameized me to speak for him *whack*) i think it is a reasonable opinion, since quality tact buttons are rated for millions of pushes...
  14. PacTec PT-10 bulk order for North America?

    i ordered from mouser, and face plate was included...
  15. Reprap, open source goodness.

    agreed, was glad to see this link. plus i want to see goblins face in cheese...
  16. Sparkfun silicon duo matrix

    to clarify: protos were $25 each (which is still less than sparkfun, since one of these == 2 of theirs) talking to SmashTV, it sounds like we can get a small run done for under $15 per brd (about half sparkfun price) with ENIG so contacts should be fine without extra effort required. so for example, to make an 8x8 monome like thing (i think i'll call mine "the thing" since that's what SmashTV has been calling it and he's my guru *whack*), you would need two of these brds and 4 button pads from sparkfun.  it might be a good idea to combine a bulk order of button pads with the brds. note that this is not a project for beginners, but it was my first SMD work and wasn't too hard.  and way easier than it would have been to wire all the dins and douts on other brds.  the second brd went quite quickly since i already had the hang of it.  people with steadier hands than mine should have no trouble at all.  since you must solder chips directly to brd without sockets, an ESD safe soldering iron is highly recommended.
  17. Sparkfun silicon duo matrix

    i thought a bit about using normal plastic caps for tact buttons, and coating them with silicone. this would eliminate the need for debounce and would probably be more durable. but i'm liking these pretty well so far...
  18. sorry, forgot to post a notice. all packages are away. some may arrive this week... everybody email when you receive yours,  mmmkay? thnks
  19. The MB6582 Panel Group Buy : FINALLY!!

    woo hoo!
  20. Sparkfun silicon duo matrix

    mmmmm maybe even better than led porn (the dark shot) but i don't need leds to talk to extraterrestrials...
  21. Sparkfun silicon duo matrix

    yep, most you can hope for is a run of pcbs for this. speaking of, just testing the water here, no promises. let's gauge the interest in a pcb run. is anybody interested at all?
  22. Sparkfun silicon duo matrix

  23. Sparkfun silicon duo matrix

    and now the whole banana 8x8: and the money shot (in the dark): stripping the HASL plating makes the buttons very responsive. i ordered some cool-amp (thanks cimo and SmashTV) which plates bare copper with silver to protect it. but ENIG is definitely the way to go if any new brds are made. the sm_simple app has no debouncing which will be necessary with these buttons so i will be working on that in the example app and also cleaning the code up for public consumption.  also there are a few other strangenesses i need to work out...