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  1. Looking forward to PIC16F88 merger :D
  2. AndAway


    Spoko :D Jesli nie zalezy Ci na touchresponse to zwykly 'syntezator' z allegro + DIN. Nie wiem o jaki interface Ci chodzi.
  3. AndAway


    Hej Klawierow to szukaj na allegro, od czasu do czasu trafi sie cos okazyjnie. A co do plytek to robie nie tylko midi, generalnie wszystkie inne wg projektu tez. Zamiesc swoj projekt plytki na forum, moze sie komus przydac.
  4. AndAway


    Czesc Wylacz layer's w View. Zostaw tylko pads, bottom i dimension. Jesli ktos jest zainteresowany kupnem PCB do midi lub innych wlasnych projektow to dajcie znac. Pozdrawiam
  5. Hi There is an easy way to change holes diameter in eagle. While in board editor click ULP and select 'drill-aid.ulp'. Regards Edit: I use 0.2 mm.
  6. That is so cool. I think of something and that's already implemented :) Midibox is so much fun :D
  7. Hi Have anyone done something like this before in MIDIbox64/E ? I want to use encoder with switch, so it would work like left/right/exec button. Cheers Andrzej
  8. Finally i've found them :D YMF262-M and YAC512-M are on Aztech ISA card. FCC ID: 138-MMSN830
  9. Another one to the list: CT2770 SB16 VALUE does NOT have these chips :( Still looking for them :(
  10. The only problem is that when you don't touch the ribbon you dont have value 0 but it's like suspending the signal cable of potentiometer in midair - so you will get flickering...
  11. Well, during live performance I can listen on headphones to SID1 and SID2 while SID3 is playing on speakers :) Stryd_one: You can add some MCP42050s, uC and make it digitally controlled (with some nice LCD etc...)
  12. How about adding CUE button for each SID?? (not my idea, but usefull)
  13. So maybe I can use another PIC to control touchpad/ribbon? I thought of a sub-menu 'touchpad' where you would have: 1) Callibration - just like the callibration of a joystick - move your finger around touchpad for a few times. PIC should remember the maximal and the minimal values and create some kind of 'virtual scale' and convert it to midi values 0..127 (touchpads at x=0 y=0 point have some resistance, not 0) 2) Kind of 'mode' of work. The first can be 'relative' - PIC only add or subtract values, the pressing point doesn't matter, only the direction of movement. The second - the values sen
  14. ESS AudioDrive FM16PNP does NOT have these chips :(
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