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  1. Update: The box is now sold. Hello! I have sold my MB6582 and thus have no use for my 1U rack mounted eight channel PSU/VCF/VCA expansion box. It contains : PSU: 230V input. Powers all Components in the box plus the MB6582 via a cable that fits the MB6582 power input connector. DA-converters: Four nicely soldered AOUT_NG boards control the filters and VCAs. They are controlled from the MB6582 via the expansion port. Analog filters: Four SSM2044 boards fitted with eight SSM2044 chips, relays and styroflex capacitors. Audio is fed into the filters from the MB6582 via audio jacks. VCA: Two SSM2154 boards for amplitude control of all eight audio channels. VCF output is fed into VCA input. I haven't used the box for a few years. Last time I used it everything worked well but because of all wiring, the box is sold as is. You should be able to trouble shoot if needed. I can guarantee that all boards are good though! Based on historical prices for the individual boards, I am asking $800 / €700 plus shipping and if lack of interest I will sell individual parts of the build. Any suggestions are welcome. All the best, Johan  
  2. Fågelsträck

    I got a bit nostalgic and listened to some of my old songs. This song was made five years ago semi live with my at the time newly built MB-SEQ v4 controlling software synths. I didn't post this before but now got surprised how complex and polished it sounds.

    Grate news indeed! Have to take my box from the dust too... And build a studio...
  4. MB808

    I have built a 9090. It has no sequencer but controlled by a MBSeqV4, its a beast!
  5. MB808

    Take a look at I have waited four years for my kit...
  6. FS: MB6582 allmost complete

    graantjes used a C64 PSU and it didn't work but I tried his base board with my C64 PSU and it worked. Some are bad and some are fine. Plus, there are many different editions of those PSUs.
  7. FS: MB6582 allmost complete

    The board worked fine with my PSU so all I know is that there must be some problems with graantjes psu. Either it was too weak, it was broken or the was some trouble with the pinout but I am pretty sure he ruled that out. The PSU on ebay is probobly strong enough and probobly noisy as Hawkeye says. I have only used linear PSUs with my MB6582 and they have all worked fine.
  8. FS: MB6582 allmost complete

    He used to live in Begium, but has now relocated to Germany. I helped him with trouble shooting, first in the forums and pm and then when he hat tried all my ideas he sent me the base pcb and I concluded that the device worked like it should using my psu. All soldering looked good.
  9. FS: MB6582 allmost complete

  10. Encoder accuracy (bourns) MB-6582?

    I use the same type of encoders in my mb seq with no trouble at all. Of couse they are still detended.
  11. Encoder accuracy (bourns) MB-6582?

    I have the same problem with my encoders on the mb6582. Never realy tried to trouble shoot it though as i thought it was just the way it worked. But i agree it is anoying. I have the encoders from so i doubt it has anything to do with specific encoder types except for configuration.
  12. SEQ CS board availability

    Tell me more!