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  1. Update: The box is now sold. Hello! I have sold my MB6582 and thus have no use for my 1U rack mounted eight channel PSU/VCF/VCA expansion box. It contains : PSU: 230V input. Powers all Components in the box plus the MB6582 via a cable that fits the MB6582 power input connector. DA-converters: Four nicely soldered AOUT_NG boards control the filters and VCAs. They are controlled from the MB6582 via the expansion port. Analog filters: Four SSM2044 boards fitted with eight SSM2044 chips, relays and styroflex capacitors. Audio is fed into the filters from the MB6582 vi
  2. I got a bit nostalgic and listened to some of my old songs. This song was made five years ago semi live with my at the time newly built MB-SEQ v4 controlling software synths. I didn't post this before but now got surprised how complex and polished it sounds.
  3. strophlex


    Grate news indeed! Have to take my box from the dust too... And build a studio...
  4. strophlex


    I have built a 9090. It has no sequencer but controlled by a MBSeqV4, its a beast!
  5. strophlex


    Take a look at http://eight-oh-eight.org/ I have waited four years for my kit...
  6. graantjes used a C64 PSU and it didn't work but I tried his base board with my C64 PSU and it worked. Some are bad and some are fine. Plus, there are many different editions of those PSUs.
  7. The board worked fine with my PSU so all I know is that there must be some problems with graantjes psu. Either it was too weak, it was broken or the was some trouble with the pinout but I am pretty sure he ruled that out. The PSU on ebay is probobly strong enough and probobly noisy as Hawkeye says. I have only used linear PSUs with my MB6582 and they have all worked fine.
  8. He used to live in Begium, but has now relocated to Germany. I helped him with trouble shooting, first in the forums and pm and then when he hat tried all my ideas he sent me the base pcb and I concluded that the device worked like it should using my psu. All soldering looked good.
  9. I use the same type of encoders in my mb seq with no trouble at all. Of couse they are still detended.
  10. I have the same problem with my encoders on the mb6582. Never realy tried to trouble shoot it though as i thought it was just the way it worked. But i agree it is anoying. I have the encoders from voti.nl so i doubt it has anything to do with specific encoder types except for configuration.
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