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Found 21 results

  1. Hi all, I found an eBay seller in China selling sammichFM and sammichSID kits. Are these legit, or should I avoid them? It doesn't look quite right... a bit fishy. (Not linking here so I don't break any rules, but if Wilba or TK pm me, I can send links.)
  2. Hi there, I recently bought a used sammichSID equipped with two 8580 SIDs, MIOS 1.9g, running MIDIbox SID V2.044. The problem I'm facing is that only one SID seems to be recognized. So within the ensemble-menu I can only choose SID 1. Also I get only audio-output by one SID. So I have the following questions: - does the Midibox software perfom any check to determine if the SID may be broken and "disables" it in the frontend-selection? - is there any way to perform a check or debug this issue? - if the SID is broken: would I be able to recognize it in the menue if I would swap both SIDs against each other to check if one is broken? So that the ensemble-screen would say *2** instead of 1***? - software issue? - am I completely missing something, like that the behaviour of the sammichSID differs from the "normal" MIDIbox SID? Any help or hint would be appreciated :-) Thanks, Chris
  3. Hey, reluctantly selling my sammichSID due to financial hardship and not getting much use out of it these days! In great working order with 6582A chips bought from Wilba. Generic power adapter included. Looking for around £300 but open to offers. Item in London but will ship anywhere in the EU. Any questions, fire away! Thanks, Hugh
  4. Hi, I'm selling two midibox instruments: - sammichFM in acrylic enclosure. Works 100% (knobs, pots, display as it should). The sammich comes with no power plug, just the sammichFM as pictured. asking EUR 230,- - MB6582 fully built in Pactec enclosure, with red display. Includes 6 x 6582 SIDs (NOS ordered back then via Wilba) and 1 x 6581 (ripped from a C64). Here comes the story: It was working 100%. Then I had the MB6582 in storage for about 2 years. If I turn it on now, it will boot up correctly but some of the encoders/buttons will react, some won't. The situation which encoder/button works changes with each start of the box (on/off). So I'm a bit clueless what the issue here is. Maybe it is a wire problem from the Control surface to the mainboard. But I can also not hear a sound when triggering via midi. So this is probably only for someone experienced in debugging... The MB6582 will come without the Rean knobs which I have put on for the photo. I have a spare C64 power plug which I can provide. asking EUR ??? . I really do not know what I could take for this? Parts prices? I'm open for sensible offers... Please note that I want to sell the MB6582 'as-is' ie not selling the SID chips separately. Both midiboxes can be picked up in Frankfurt/Main Germany or shipped to your place (price plus shipping cost). Thanks and Regards, Frank
  5. Hello! I ran into peculiar problem with my good old Sammich and can´t figure out what might be the problem. Any tips are more than welcome :) I built the thing myself about 6 years ago. It has worked fine for a long time but after a small break i noticed this: Left output functions OK. RIght output is completely dead. I swapped the SID chips to see if it was the chip but the problem remained the same i.e. sound comes from left but not from right. So the SID chips seems OK. Then i swapped the M74.. IC´s below the SIDs but no change in the issue. So I tried to probe-listen directly from the SID audio out pin and the left SID sounds ok and right one gives some quiet hiss/crackle (not completely dead as in the audio output though, but also not noticeable notes). In other words both SID chips works just correctly but not when installed to the right side/right output. Been trying to search for bad soldering (well, i´m not too pro but still haven´t found any actualy mistakes or cold joints) but i´m wondering what the heck might cause this problem? I have a couple of different wallwarts with appropriate specs, and as I mentioned, this thing has worked before for some years... Thanks!! :)
  6. Hello. i have a sammichSID and im looking for a software (specially for windows) that allows me to play sid music files / format from the internal sids of the sammichSID . Is that possible ?
  7. hi all , someone knows why my sammichSID dont start up / boot up when i have connected both midi cables ? (midi in and midi out connected) . When i only have connected one of them , then no problem , but if i have connected both , the sammich dont start. Thanks. In regard to check some failure, is There any way to know if midi input and output is working ? or how do a diagnostic ? thanks very much
  8. Hello lovely people of this board, i'm searching for a sammichSID. I'm located in Germany. I would pay you with Paypal and of course taking the PP fees and postage + your asked price. Of course i pay you before you send the unit to me. Thank you for your time reading this. Best UPDATE: Get one. Thank you derkollo!! :D
  9. https://vicviper.bandcamp.com/ I posted before about my other band, Kirby's Dream Band, in which we use the MB6582 that I built. Here's Vic Viper! Same keyboardist, using my sammichSID I put together! Every sound on the album is Guitar, Sammich, Bass, and Drums, so you'll hear the Sammich quite well :)
  10. Good (late) evening, I'd like to use my sammichSID to compliment my growing Eurorack setup and I was wondering if the MIDIBOX Sid V2 was capable of sending MIDI note data out of the MIDI Out port. The Eurorack MIDI interface I'm using (the Hex Inverter 'MIDI2CV') requires a Note-on to 'wake up' (including to begin outputting Clock) and while I seem to have the Sammich set to Clock Out, I can't seem to get the MIDI2CV to recognize any note data (thus, it will not 'wake up' and output clock pulses). I'm wondering if it is possible for the Drum sequencers to output note data, or any of the sequencers - really. Thanks, Erik
  11. I am throwing my sammichSID up for sale. Heres a link to a craigslist post I made about it: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/msg/5207645845.html I want 500USD$ for it, Free shipping. It comes with a TRS breakout cable for stereo output and it comes with a 12V US 120v plug CCTV power supply. Its in fully assembled and functioning condition. The encoder jumps around a bit but not an issue if you're using it in the studio.
  12. Hi all, Please go easy on me, I am new to MIDI and Sammich! I have built a Sammich a few months ago now, and was having problems flashing it, Rowan kindly had a look at it and between him and TK it was fixed (bad optocoupler) Rowan flashed the MIOS and patches for me and I replaced the opto coupler, and bought 2 new SID's as the existing ones were both slightly faulty, now its up and running and the Sammich sounds great triggering the patches from the buttons on it's front panel. Now, here comes the problem: I have wanted to hook it up via MIDI so I can play the patches with a keyboard, which i think should be fairly straight forward based on other MIDI devices I have used. When I hook up the Sammich to my controller keyboard I set it to send on channel 1, I also make sure in the patch on the sammich, in the menu that it is set to also use channel 1, I play the keyboard and nothing happens, I cycle through patches and make sure they are on channel 1 also, but still nothing? I have also hooked the sammich up to fruityloops via a Umidi USB cable (as suggested by the whitelist) and set fruity to output on channel 1, now this does strange things, sometimes the patch will trigger or play randomly or sometimes it causes the sammich to cycle through patches randomly? I have midi out on the keyboard and or fruityloops to midi in on the sammich. I have taken it to a friend who is a bit more knowledgeable with MIDI than me, and he has had a play and thinks there may be an issue with the sammich not properly responding to the midi information, and possibly miss translating what it is receiving. Could this be me just not knowing enough about MIDI, or is there potentially another issue with the sammich that needs correcting, like with the faulty optocoupler? Any help appreciated, and if someone could confirm the best way to make sure it is receiving MIDI and translating it properly that would be great. Thanks, Kai.
  13. Hello, I have finished building and hardware testing a sammich, but unfortunately I seem unable to flash it with any of my MIDI interfaces. Is there anyone in the UK that is able to help me by either lending me a known working MIDI interface, or doing the flash for me if I send them the sammich? I am unfortunately unable to source a nuesonic cable, and all 4 interfaces i've tried won't seem to do it. Please contact me and let me know if you can help. Many Thanks, Kai.
  14. hi everybody . I purchased a sammichSID 2 years ago and i realized that i only hear the output from only one speaker when i insert the jack (stereo jack) to the bottom / all the way down, however , if i put / plug the cable halfway i listen by 2 speakers (but its like a mono sound i think). So , can somebody explain me which kind of jack cables i need ? maybe stereo jack ? perhaps i have an output issue ? I have donde the same with another cable and with 2 headphones and the same problem : cable inserted / plugged to the buttom . Thanks very much
  15. Hello all, I have recently completed a Sammich that has been sitting on a friends shelf for the last 4 years! I will explain what has happened so far to try and give a clear picture. The build went really well apart from a lifted pad which was repaired (this only affected the low power LCD backlight) and is now working. Everything electrical checks out, all test points are clear and there are no shorts, the correct jumpers are set for the 8508 SID's, the voltage jumpers are correct also. Basically the Sammich turns on and the LCD shows some black squares, then tells me: MIOS v1.9g ©2009 T Klose, and then goes on to say READY. I have an M-Audio 2x2 midisport usb interface, I have downloaded the latest MIOS Studio software (PC and Mac), and the latest setup_sammich_sid.hex, and the mios_v1_9g_pic18f4685.hex My problem is that no matter what i do, it doesn't seem to want to let me upload the hex file to the PIC/Sammich. when I first power on the sammich, if i press query in the mios studio immediately, i get the screen telling me its connected to the core and ready, and then i browse for the setup_sammich_sid.hex and hit start, and then it tells me it can't contact the core and to reboot the sammich, which i do, it tries to do it then it says it can't it and gives me an error saying: Upload aborted due to error #12: MIDI IN Frame ErrorNo response from core after 16 retries! It only ever seems to give me the connected to core message immediately after I power it on, and press query, and then only very briefly, from what i understand, it is supposed to keep polling every few seconds for an upload if it doesn't have mios/hex burnt in. I have tried doing this under windows 7 64bit, and OS X 10.10, using the same M-Audio 2x2 ( isee from the white/blacklist that this particular device may not work under OS X, hence why I'm trying under windows 7. I have looked at the troubleshooting guide, and done the midi loopback tests from the PC and the sammich, and the check out fine. I think i either have a duff midi interface, or something else is wrong. I will post some screenshots incase anyone else can help by looking at them, any help is greatly appreciated. [EDIT] I have now tried to upload the file from another 2 different types of midi interface on the Mac, but still have the same error in mios studio. [EDIT] I have just purchased a Neusonik uMIDI/O22 to test with, once it arrives i will give it a go and see if it makes any difference.
  16. Fully assembled and working SammichFM, never left my home studio. Great condition, with frosty white enclosure and green infilled engravings. I'll include a UK PSU for a UK buyer. £250 + shipping from UK. Drop me a PM if interested. Cheers, a|x
  17. Hey all, I have one of my two sammichSIDs up for sale. It's complete and comes with an Australian plugpack. I'm downsizing my setup and getting rid of a few things that are excessive. It's got green LEDs and 2x 6582a SIDs (I think, will double check). It has only been used in my home studio and has not been gigged or around smoke etc. Am looking for $250AUD for the lot. Get in touch here if you're interested. Will try and post a photo or two when I get home.
  18. Hello everybody. I have received today my sammichSID unit but im totally lost. Can somebody please answer my dubts / questions ? : 1 ) where can i get an instruction manual or something ? i have been searching in google but can´t find manual / pdf or something to start. 2 ) which software i need to import / export patches / sounds ? 3 ) which software i need to play SID files ? 4 ) where get the last firmware ? no more , for now is the only help i need . Very gratefull if somebody could help me . Thanks a lot . Im a noob . greetings all sid maniacs, -cuca , from Spain
  19. Hello all! I'm in urgent need of money, and i sell this sammichSID :sad: , i ask 400€ for it, i've search in the forum a correct price and it is the price i saw the most. 2 6582 inside ,last update V0.43, banks an arpeggio loaded, and a 12V PSU. Paypal payment. Pm me.
  20. Hi, Someone can give me a reference for an lcd 100% compatible with the sammichSID(size, power... ) And another question, where can i buy the sammich knob? thank you for all
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