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  1. Sorry for entry in this thread , just for ask if is possible place a meterled aside each fader on the midibox hui ng (for show the volume level of the DAW ch-track) and how many leds are possible to include on each meterled thanks in advance.
  2. really thanks for the link !!!! a very well done commands encoding !!! just a question about when a plug in is open the parameters are automatically assigned ? (from the first to the last also with "bank layers" if the plug in have more than 8 parameter ? as the rotary encoders on the mackie hui are 8 and the display can show 8 parameters at a time , unless the custom midibox ng/hui is not equipped with more than 1 display like 2 or 3 or 4 as for the Mackie C4 model that have 4 display each with 8 encoders (total 32 encoders good for virtual synths..) but u
  3. please it is possible apply this "option" on a midibox hui for a meterled to place aside the motorized fader for show the volume parameter of the DAW rack channel (pro tools , logic , cubase , Live…) ? thanks
  4. hi , link seem no work , any chance for working one ? thanks
  5. Hi , it include also some option (patch) to "drive" virtual instruments ? cheers
  6. A nice bit complex "brain" set in progress ... and a good "C" code little guide thread…. … hoping that it will be extended to what is needed for MB-NG cheers
  7. MidiBox 20 years Birthday what a run : ) Happy Birthday !
  8. W O W Will be showed to the next Namm and Muzik Messe ? the software sequencer is custom made ? cheers ps: are you from Zürich ?
  9. Thanks for post eptheca , ( your "sunglasses" are so cool ) Novation ? No ! do not have nothing similar to that required , i checked all most knowed manufacturers unfortunately no one have a device as required , (otherwise I would not be here to talk about , but to doing / making music with that device) Have also to say that Mpc "high" series models apart , the rest are all low cost plastic and parts ….so not pro range devices …, so No thanks !!! Cirklon not so bad tool as concept and device , well built ! But in my humble opinion need a good development / evolution ,
  10. Leggi Modifica Modifica wikitesto Cronologia Ricercait was perhaps a student or teacher/method problem ?we would not have lost one of the genes of our times , if he had not met the right mentor ? i agree : it can be a shame .. but world change continuously ( evolution? , and in way of communication too ) and it will change again , better or worse, who can say? only the story ! (in spite of ourselves) diversity is power , or are you for a clones world ? (in point oh views int
  11. ….. and is what seemed pretty obvious as far as it can be learned from available documentation (about the non profit) not the same for the "C" software part ( ….for "debutantes" intended , sorry) .
  12. more thanks for post , …ops … , are u saying that there are "things/sides" of midi box that cannot be showed by video tutorials for copyright reason and related ?
  13. hello , and thanks for reply ! ( I extremely envy your logo) i posted the link only as well , about that i tried to say in what posted , considered the age of this place , a New arrival that visit for first time this nice place would expect some video tutorial , at least for "standard" settings , as showed in that video tutorial , moreover made by a guy that seem to do not have any economic interest about (banners apart).
  14. That i mean "video tutorial" (beginner-proof) https://youtu.be/NmxoBdEJG28
  15. Hello FantomXR, there is also available a single pcb with 8 rotary encoders each with leds ring and 1 , 2 or 3 switches "place" as well + cascade connection option for get a single or more lines with 8,16,24,32…. rotary encoders connected in cascade mode ? thanks
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