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  1. understanding the .ngc code

    A nice  bit complex "brain" set in progress ... and a good "C" code little guide thread…. … hoping that it will be extended to what is needed for MB-NG cheers
  2. MidiBox 20 years Birthday what a run : ) Happy Birthday !

        W   O   W          Will be showed to the next Namm and Muzik Messe ? the software sequencer is custom made ?   cheers ps: are you from Zürich ?
  4. Thanks for post eptheca , ( your "sunglasses" are so cool ) Novation ? No !  do not have nothing similar to that  required , i checked all most knowed manufacturers unfortunately no one have a device as required , (otherwise I would not be here to talk about , but to doing / making music with that device) Have also to say that Mpc "high" series models apart , the rest are all low cost plastic and parts ….so not pro range devices …, so No thanks !!! Cirklon not so bad tool  as concept and device , well built !  But in my humble opinion need a good development / evolution , because the layers concept of parameters block type can be good for save money for data entry parts like potentiometers , buttons , displays , surface panel , and related, but is a big  "Handicap" for fast access to specific parameters edit , that is essential for live performances , in a home or studio situation there is all the time to stop , -> go to parameters block page ,   -> search the parameter , -> edit it and back to play . in a Live performance : NOT ! And why an hardware sequencer in studio ? To spend lot of more time than a software sequencer computer based for do the same things ? ( or less ) For me and so many many many other musicians do not have any sense !!! Apart save as midi file and put it in the hardware sequencer , So Sorry !!
  5. ….. and is what seemed pretty obvious as far as it can be learned from available documentation (about the non profit) not the same for the "C" software part  ( ….for "debutantes" intended , sorry) .    
  6. more thanks for post , …ops  … , are u saying that there are "things/sides" of midi box that cannot be showed by video tutorials for copyright reason and related ?    
  7. hello , and thanks for reply ! ( I extremely envy your logo)  i posted the link only as well , about that i tried to say in what posted , considered the age of this place ,  a New arrival that visit for first time  this nice place would expect some video tutorial , at least for "standard" settings , as showed in that video tutorial , moreover made by a guy that seem to do not have any economic interest about (banners apart).  
  8. That i mean "video tutorial" (beginner-proof) https://youtu.be/NmxoBdEJG28
  9. Designing a Encoder+LEDRing-PCB

    Hello FantomXR, there is  also available a single pcb with 8 rotary encoders  each with leds ring and 1 , 2 or 3 switches "place" as well + cascade connection option for get a single or more lines with 8,16,24,32…. rotary encoders connected in cascade mode ? thanks
  10. Thanks for post "Antichambre" ! Happy to know all that you wrote in the post…,  and happy for you too  (…it seem something like that "unknown paradise secret planet ", … also tax havens ? ) but "Jokes" aside , I seem to have mentioned only about electronics talent and talented guys ( dna )  . the rest is out of the topic , ---------------------------------------- Yess so true !  i'm so happy to have found this place !!!   So endlessly Thanks "TK" to have created it !!! And I would be even happier if it became a bit more "usable" as well for beginners (not electronics experts/talented/tutor assisted…) before internet , youtube , and all other kind of today available free medias , all of this was impossible (i.m.h.o.) is it not true that a video or a picture say what millions of words cannot ? ----------- Ps: The same "information"  can be given in an easy way , understandable to all ,  and in a "complex/messy/wry/twisted" … and related ways …, understandable only for "some" , or also nobody (…… politicians typical style ) …."someone" said that there are no bad students but only bad teachers...
  11. Thanks for post Bruno !  part of reply is on the previous post…. and it is not a "challenge" factor , any day  is a challenge (in these times...) ...in "summary" no possible make simple as possible for not experts the software part ? more thanks !
  12.   Thanks for post Smithy !   Roland ? Elektron ? no thanks ! ! ! (they do not have what me and many others are here for ..) Ok : want a MidiBox ?  Read all documentation about ! (...it had never been done…. by many... ) as wrote above (if you have read it) , the problem is not about hardware solder - assembly and related , but is about the software , please it is really a "crime" ask for a more "easy" to understand "way / media" ? (in the age video tutorials)  And saying : "if you can't  follow the instructions that are already there then maybe this community isn't for you." (Thing that me and so many others are still doing from years / months ) can only confirm the title-topic o the thread , no possible any "evolution" of "basic" instructions documentation for help the many not "experts" ?  re-confirm (again) the "topic" ,  friendly much thanks the same for your post ! ps : …. and about this ?  
  13. Many Thanks Peter !  …I'm re-checking the lot of docs about NG , cause as wrote synth programmer is always the n. 1 device i need to have (a.s.a.p.) the SEQ for live performances is n.2 of the "list" as i like the "unconventional" cool options it have , but due to some limitations of the same , i have to keep using my Akai mpc 4k and 5k (Tanks….. ,  Mpc X still under "stress test")  "Programma V2" (the evolution) ?  Nice news ! so interesting ! Great work about Oled displays !!!  
  14. MidiBox open for "Learn" option ?

    …ops no reply ???     Anyway seem :   Yes it can "Learn"  (unfortunately as for so many other more option no sufficient info for the not "Experts"  ) ps: "untested"