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  1. Has Midibox became closed source and business for somes under TK's cover ?

    1. Hawkeye


      No, all software is and remains open source, as freely available as all schematics on - on which everything MIDIbox is based. Some PCB designs are proprietary and are not shared, but that has been the case since ages, at least since the first MBSEQv4 boards 10 years ago...

    2. Antichambre


      Salut bonhomme, il se passe plein de bonnes choses ici... Même les révolutionnaires vont kiffer! ;)

  2. Merry Xmas to all !

    1. gerald.wert


      Thanks! and to you a happy new year!

    1. Antichambre


      " He was officially pardoned by Queen Elizabeth II in 2013. "
      I ask who have to pardon!!?

    2. Psykhaze


      Better late than never.. Easier when peoples are dead from a long time xD

    3. Antichambre


      For sure :/

  3. JUCE 4.2.4 is out !

  4. 16 Sept 2016 is a sad day- RIP Don Buchla - Thank you forever for your work, may you sleep in light.

    1. latigid on

      latigid on

      An eccentric genius who shaped a whole Coast of synthesis. Seems like 2016 is just one of those years...

  5. Electronic p0rn :

    1. mongrol


      As I've said, it's much easier to sneak $1000 worth of gear into the house if it comes in $5 packets.

  6. What about this flood of registering forum users? sounds weird...

    1. Psykhaze


      bruteforce attack?

  7. Selling 2 MB-6582 Sets populated but uncased - PM me for photos and more