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  1. MBSID v3?

    I would be very interested in this if it wakes from hyper sleep. :-)
  2. SSM2044 MB6582

    Has anyone integrated Seppoman's SSM2044 PCB and the AOUT into the MB6582 case? Anything to think about in advance? I was just wondering if any one has done this, or if it is primarily used as an outboard piece of gear.
  3. Is MbSID STM_32 planned ?

    I was flipping through older topics and this looked very interesting. Was there any progress on the MBSID 32?
  4. Lasercut Acrylic Case+ Frontpanel for SEQv4

    I was just wondering, Were the files at the beginning of this thread updated?
  5. MB6582 matrix anomaly

    I should bother to read the manual. lol. thank you so much,
  6. MB6582 matrix anomaly

    I have a MB6582 that I built a while ago and it is currently running 2.043. I noticed an anomaly when I press any two of the "vertical" matrix buttons at the same time, the mode led switches from matrix to meter or vice versa. has anyone els sen this? the same does not happen when I hit to horizontal buttons simultaneously.  
  7. MIDIbox SEQ Aluminium Desktop Case

    Is there a US bulk order going on for the case currently? Also, does anyone have a case they are no longer interested in?
  8. Hi, Nice AU Component. Runs well on my iMac 2GHz 10.5.8 Intel. This is so cool, I can play with this at work, and nobody will notice, as compared to having my MB SID and some MIDI cables connected to my work computer... ;-)
  9. If I wanted to have the Sync LED change to display the status of say the Lead engines ARP function, would you use something like this: DOUT_ENTRY CS_MENU_L_ARP, 0, 16+1, 3 I am a little green at this and was just wondering. I changed the Sync button to be an Arp button and that worked fine when I recompiled, I just wanted to change the LED to display the same status. I saw that this LED was commented out, and thought this would be a good use.
  10. Oh... that was until I plugged back in my midid interface.... I think it is MMJ.
  11. Thanks, I turned off Java SE 6 64-bit and everything ran fine.
  12. I just noticed this in the last few days, but MIOS Studio suddenly stopped working. I am using OSX 10.5.8 on an Intel based Mac. It was working fine, and I am not sure what caused this. The MBSID editor program is also crashing as well upon opening. I saw someone in the german language forum seems to be having a similar problem. I think he stated that a previous backup of his OSX I reinstalled MMC, Java and my USB/MIDI interface drivers and nothing seems to help. As a side note, it works fine on my Powerbook laptop, OS 10.4.11, PowerPC. same version of MIOS, same MIDI interface. any ideas?
  13. headphone volume

    sorry, I added that extra zero. Most of my cheaper headphones at home are less than 64 ohms.
  14. headphone volume

    Most cheap headphones are about 600 Ohms am I correct? I thought the low impedance ones were about 100-150 ohms. I figure a simple circuit using a dual opamp like a 5532, a 1uF DC block to a 10K ohms on the non inverting input, 10K to gnd as R1 at the inverting input, 100K as Rf, and a 56 pF cap in the feedback to limit the BW, and maybe a 100-150 ohm series output resistor feeding a 1uF DC block to my headphones. I'll probably play with the feedback resistors value to match it to the gain I need. I have used this IC with as little as +/- 5VDC. A voltage divider to float the audio signal on the input at some offset will allow single supply operation. I'll breadboard something next week and let you know the results.
  15. headphone volume

    Yeah, I think I am going to breadboard a quickie opamp headphone amp to put in there.It's way low in mine, almost inaudible. The line outs have loads of signal though. :-)