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  1. Thinking about selling my beloved sammichSID to fun a new midibox build.  It's an original Wilba kit built by me. Come with a PSU that should be good world wide - you'll just need a figure 8 power cable. The unit is in perfect working order and has been used by me faultlessly for several years now. Image gallery - (Detail photos - insulating tape on back of CS is to stop the heatsink below shorting.  Right side panel arrived cracked and was subsequently glued.  Had to reflow the stack connectors and the board overheated a little.) Video of it running £280 plus shipping (add 3.5% if paying by PayPal goods and services - no charge for paypal gift or bank transfer) Ask me for a shipping quote.
  2. Sammich SID MIDI Keyboard problems

    Doesn't matter what velocity I get out of the hardware keyboard, I've had over 100 out of it in the MIDI monitor by playing the keys harder. Testing on the init patch. More info.  I fired up Ableton Live and mapped MIDI channel 1 as an external instrument. The hardware keyboard is now triggering the Sammich. In the MIDI monitor window the note message is the same as when Ableton isn't running... Still can't understand why the hardware keyboard won't just trigger the synth on its own.
  3. Sammich SID MIDI Keyboard problems

    ..and installed a software MIDI keyboard - set it to MIDI Out on the Photon X25 and it triggers the Sammich... It's crazy, I can watch the Soft keyboard send a C3 note message on MIDI Ch1 and the Sammich triggers. I press C3 on the physical keyboard and nothing - but I see the note on Ch1 in my monitor wtf.   22:58:46.101    From PhotonX25    Note On    1    C3    48 22:58:46.194    From PhotonX25    Note Off    1    C3    0 22:58:57.528    From VMPK Output    Note On    1    C3    100 22:58:57.614    From VMPK Output    Note Off    1    C3    100  
  4. Sammich SID MIDI Keyboard problems

    The plot thickens... Installed MIOS Studio to make sure the MIDI interface could connect to the core and it works fine.  I can also trigger notes using the MIOS Studio virtual keyboard... still no notes being triggered by the hardware keyboard.
  5. Can anyone help me work out why my MIDI Keyboard isn't playing nicely with my sammichSID? I'm using an Alesis Photon X25 USB MIDI Keyboard - and I've had it work with my Sammich in the past just fine.  It's been a looooong time since I last tinkered with the Sammich and now I can't get it working. I can get the Sammich into SIDPlayer mode using the Photon X25 interface just fine - so I know the MIDI interface is working and can talk to the Sammich.  As soon as I drop out of SIDPlayer mode I get nothing. Playing the keys does not trigger the Sammich. I've checked that I'm sending on Ch1 and that my Sammich is defaulting to Ch1 - I can see the note on/off commands flowing in MIDI Monitor.  Not really sure what to check next to try and troubleshoot...?
  6. SIDplayer / ASID Application for OS X?

    Thread necromancy I know but I just built this and it's working fine. Just thought I'd mention that the SIDPLAY won't start if my MIDI interface is connected to my MBP. I have to start SIDPLAY and then connect the interface (MIDISport 2x2 but same behaviour with my generic China 1x1 interface).
  7. How are the pre-orders going? I just signed up for one more - loved building my last one.
  8. WANTED - sammichFM kit

    Yeah, my name's on the list but keen to pick one up as soon as possible.
  9. WANTED - sammichFM kit

    After a sammichFM kit if anyone has one they don't think they will get round to building.   Prefer un-touched kit but if you have a part built or even built - I'd consider it.
  10. [FS] MB SID Keyboard (MB-6582 + MBKB)

    Would you sell the 2 boards only? If so, I'm interested.
  11. Drop Jason (Wilba) an email - I was in a similar situation and he said he might be able to dig a spare out for me.   Happy that I could get a spare if I needed it, I went ahead and hit mine with the hot air station.  Turns out I've managed to fix my CS so I won't need a spare from Wilba now.   ....or   DIY it  
  12. Any more sammichFMs? [YES, see page 2]

    Hi guys, please add me to the sammichFM list please.
  13. I'm going to say Sammich lives!     Turns out to have been a few issues compounding into one wonky Sammich.   Bank sticks issue - I'm fairly sure this was PSU related.  I've moved to a 2A 12v switching supply that I used for a Tripath amp previously.  I'll look for a better quality linear (or build my own).   CS and LED issues - putting this down to poor solder work. When I built this box 3 years ago, it was about my 3rd ever proper project and I was using lead free process with a 300 degree C tip and cheapo Chinese fake flux. I ended up using a heat gun to pull the resistor network below the first CS register, cleaned up the pads and resoldered. After this work the bottom left switch was acting up causing all kinds of CS weirdness (gently tapping it made the issue occur).   Heat gun removed and resoldered the switch.   Reflowed most of the board with the heat gun and my soldering iron (mine is now a toasted Sammich ;) )   After that - Sammich played nice for the rest of the evening - both in Sidplayer mode and synthesis.   Thanks for all your help and moral support. I can now haz Sammich.
  14. LCD is fine if removed from the CS - so yeah - CS issue.   If I pull both CS ICs - problem disappears - but obviously CS is now not working.   If I put the left hand IC back in the error returns - so where ever the issue is - it is connected to that first logic chip.
  15. Another quick question;   Are J6 and J7 on the base PCB and J2 on the CS PCB the same as J8 and J9 and J1?   Can I solder some header on there and use some flex cable to connect the 2 while I troubleshoot?