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  1. Looks like a cool kit to build: http://www.sonic-potions.com/node/45 http://youtu.be/IJ8ZfJFOYBc full kit estimated price is € 280.
  2. Bassboy (digital bassline synthesizer)

    Very cool thing! Some more IO for example to connect multiple would be nice though :D
  3. [FEELER] Mean Well RPT-60B Switching PSU

    Ok np, thanks for the fast reply!
  4. [FEELER] Mean Well RPT-60B Switching PSU

    Damn too late i guess, If you still have spare psu's from the bulk order count me in to buy 1 or 2.
  5. Weird behavior with the drums?

    I use osx 10.6.7, ableton suite, and gm5x5x5 triggering a jomox xbase 999 never had notes dropping out. So something with the synth i think?
  6. GM5X5X5 at night

    From the album d0gmaz GM5X5X5

  7. GM5X5X5 at daylight

    From the album d0gmaz GM5X5X5

  8. Heeft er iemand nog een bankstick pcb over?

    Kan op slot! heb er een...
  9. Shipped within 3 days thanks TK! :)
  10. [sold] ultracore 3 pcb to sale

    you've got mail :)
  11. Hi, heeft er iemand nog een 8x bankstick pcb over? Of iemand die binnenkort gaat bestellen bij smashtv/mike dan wil ik graag mee in de bestelling :)
  12. wow  :o  jaw dropped... love the case the wiring and also great layout. congrats!