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  1. Degenerator Motherboard

    This is the Motherboard PCB of Degenerator. More Info in my Blog:
  2. Degenerator Motherboard

    This is the Motherboard PCB from Degenerator english Blog: german Blog:
  3. Motherboard PCB of "DEGENERATOR"

    english Blog: german Blog:
  4. Motherboard of my DIY Synth "DEGENERATOR" Hi my fiends! Just Andre sent me the first psb-designe from the motherboard of Degenerator. On left top site is the position from power connector and negativ switching regulator P3596. Under the regulator the components of the voltage monitoring. These Components are covered by the CPU board. Right next to the negativ switching regulator position 4 liniar voltage regulators for + 3.3V + 5V + 8V -8 Volt. For the + 5V regulator there will be a heat sink. On the top right site of motherboard are planned the position of the Midi-jacks and the audio jacks. On the free place are planned the delay and VCA circuit.   English blog: German blog:
  5. This is the power supply in DE:GENERATOR Link german blog: Link english blog:

    This is the CPU Board from my DIY Synthesizer DE:GENRATOR
  7. Sample Recording

    This is the Sample Recording Menu in my DIY Synthesizer. Record function is per midi note, key ore threshold Youtube: My Blog in german: My Blog in english: