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  1. Panel Mount Encoder

    Good morning, by any chance, does someone know a good alternative to the ALPS STEC12E08 rotary encoder which is panel mountable (thread + screw), but with similar properties (durability, steps, switch, etc)? I tried checking directly on the Alps homepage, but was lost in all their versions sooo quickly... Thanks a lot in advance.   Best, Karg
  2. 1910-dipCoreF4-Euro-Assembly-Front.png

    From the album The HAARP

  3. MBSID CTRLR Plugin

    Today I found an old archive from 2014, it works fine, dwnld link -       
  4. [WTB] MB-6582 panel set

    As the title says, If anyone has a spare set of front and rear panels they want to sell then I'd be interested in buying them. I'm not too concerned about colour or condition, only that the price including shipping to New Zealand beats what I'd need to pay to fabricate a new set. 
  5. MBQG_FP Board Schematic

    From the album MIDIbox Quad Genesis

  6. MIDIbox ASIDITY: Front Panel Complete!

    From the album MIDIbox ASIDITY

    The front panel is finally working! It's not entirely done--we have to get the LED displays and LCDs working, but the matrix works!
  7. Hello,   Due to overproduction I am selling this Controller Plate.   3mm Aluminium Raw finish (If you want I can brush it and throw some clear coating on it for a bit extra if you don't want to do it yourself) Mounting Holes 19 Inch 5U (unsure of the unit right now, will measure it!)   It is originaly designed as a rotary style controller or mixer. 6 Chanel Volume Controll 4 Band EQ / 3 Band EQ plus Gain per Chanel One aditional Master Volume Controller Headphone Volume Controller and Headphone Jack hole 7 Holes for switches (Cue select) 4 additional Controls 6 Band VU Meter Holes with 16 LEDs per channel (5mm LED)   If interested please PM me. I will post you a render of what you could build with this plate.   I had no acces to a better camera so picture quality isn't the best.  
  8. Sale: Monome 128 Panel

    Hello Folks,   Due to oveproduction I am offering 2 of the following panels:   Monome 128 Panel Aluminium, 6mm thick Raw finish, pleas brush or paint yourself (if you don't want to do it yourself I may brush it and throw some transparent coating on it I got laying around for a bit extra) No holes or drillings Original measurements from Monome plans Lasermanufactured   Please note these are kind of heavy, so shipping to outter Germany might be costy.   Please PM if you are interested.   Here's a picture. I didn't have acces to a better camera sadly.  
  9. MB808 front panel designe

    Hello   I wanted to know if some one have a Schaeffer files for the front panel of MB808 .   Thank you Zephyrin