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There ya go - I picked some random patches from the "midibox_fm_voices.syx" bank an played the same riff for all of them. That doesn't really do the FM much justice to be honest, but it might give you an idea of some of the possibilities :-)


edit: Whoops, seems like I misplaced the file... I hope to have it back up in a bit. Offsite doco...

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TK: Sure, but if you don't mind I'd rather put together a version that doesn't have the nasty clicks and pops and "change the patch during playback"-holes in it. So if you don't mind, give me a week and I'll make a nicer one :-)

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Okay, here we go:


This is a modified version of the grabbag theme (more instrument changes) played on my mbFM (except for the low volume SB Live drums). No external effects or anything used.

------------- end of real reply, start of OT mode ----------------

While I was fiddling with that I remembered how screwed up writing midi songs was back then, cuz they sounded great on your computer and sucked on everybody else's. So to compare the whole thing to different instruments I present to you:


That's the original (yes, I installed the game and went through the whole kextract duke3d.grp *.mid thing)  "grabbag.mid" from Duke Nukem 3D only slightly changed (removed some notes at the end to have a somewhat decent ending rather than a looping version)

While I was at it I played it over my sbLive soundscard and my Roland XP-30 as well:



I think it would be neat if some more people would play the midi file on different instruments. The midi file has all the volume, fx *cough*, and instrument settings in it - so go for it ;D

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