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Article on building your own MIDI controller

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Hey Folks,

In an insidious attempt to market my custom controller company...

i´d called it desperate...

Knobs are called potentiometers – rotary potentiometers to be exact. The word ‘knob’ usually denotes the cap over the knob


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What you do is still unsolicited advertisment. The least you can do is take the jokes fired at you for that :rolleyes: Just as you could have posted in the right section of the forum instead of making me have to move your ad.

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If the mods feel the content of the article has no use to visitors of the forum...

It's also kinda misleading, as Phunk already pointed out - Maybe it will end up confusing beginners even more. My guess is that they're better off enjoying all the well documented builds already found in this community.

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